Je of Jemanda

January 31, 2010

Brunch with Matt and Brigg!

Meeting up with our friends who took our Sullivan street apartment, for brunch in our old hood.

Cafe Henri was packed but we waited and prevailed. I had a tasty ham cheese and egg crepe.

We stopped into Kisan where I indulged in some free fun (a la funky toy over camera), sadly Amanda indulged in a little retail therapy :( wallet is sad.

Restaurant Week

We usually miss restaurant week, but this year we went out to Zenkichi for a nice $35 dinner. Our friend was working and hooked us up with a bonus lotus root dish and shark cartilage with spicy plum sauce & cod roe.

Tempura goodies with cheeses.

Dessert, pear cheese cake and black sesame mousse.

January 27, 2010

Sometimes you just need to open a blindbox toy.

When I go to Reed Space it's always a temptation to buy a blind box be@rbrick. I gave in yesterday and bought 2. Here's Uglydoll be@rbrick I got in one of the boxes, its invading the Muji New York in a bag.

January 25, 2010

Blacked out camaro

Probably the most amazing looking Camaro! All blacked-out! I literally stopped waited till the light changed and backtracked in the rain to take this photo. Simply stunning.

January 24, 2010

Everyotherday Food

This evening we took the refrigerated leftover polenta and made "polenta wedges with asparagus and mushrooms" from the January/February 2010 issue of everyday foods. Super tasty. My new theory to food blogging is "Don't blog it unless you made it!"

January 23, 2010

for all the bloggers out there...

Lunar nights

We've been seeing this Luna moon these past few days, it gets huge just before it dips behind the skyline.


Everyday foods... is our everyother day food. Inbetween our lazy frozen pizza and/or hotdog nights, we like to pull out a recipe from everyday food mag and whip it up.

Here's our Pork and Polenta dish we made the other day, takes hours to make but only 20 minutes to eat.

Finally we picked up one of these mini canvas carts you see at the drycleaners or being pushed by homeless people. It's our new hamper system we can push around.

January 19, 2010

ohhhh yeeeaaaa!!!


Here's the end result of our front closet after installing the Elfa system... Available at container store, Sale going on till the end of the month!

Snowballs 2009

When we went to NJ over the holidays I decided to make a snowman but the challenge of making a giant snowball was more intriguing to me. So I began to roll... needless to say they got to big for me to roll. Amanda was cold and didn't want to be outside.

Here's a shot of a snowball about to pelt Amanda :)

Meetup and Shopping!

January's meetup was quite the conservative one, probably due to the freezing weather. But the Boston's that did come out had a great time as usual!

Luna's ready to go.

After the meetup we headed over to our old soho stomping grounds. Then hit up the R by 45rpm shop to pick up the spring catalog and check out their sale. Luna was tired and ready for bed.

Polish Dining

We took an adventure over to Greenpoint for some Polish dining at King's Feast (694 Manhattan Avenue, you cant miss it there are 2 knights outside). Needless to say we left with a full belly and food coma.

Eating at Joe's

Went to Joe's with Chris and Candace. The perfect meal to cap of a freezing night. Soupy Buns in full effect!

January 12, 2010

Gift, Food, Sunset.

Burton sent Amanda a nice snowboard clock made from a recycled snowboard! Very awesome! Very green!

One of the treats Amanda's created in our awesome large kitchen. Some spinach cheese filodough goodness.

The kind of sunset you get on a clear day at 5pm.

The New Fifield's

A+J Fifield's came over to visit A+J Hsiao's new apartment. They recently got married a month ago and I'm just now getting around to post some pictures... thanks for coming over!