Je of Jemanda

October 29, 2006

Times like these...

turn to the turn to the right...

This weekend at the Reed Space Pui visited Luna and played all day! The brisk weather was bad but the pigeon new era's we had definately brought in the sales from all over the states.

On a warmer note. Body Up in Soho carries fitness gear and as the weather gets colder the gear stays the same, but the bodies get colder ::wink wink::

evening festivities

The "Draw" show at the Fuse Gallery was a big show with over 200 artists. Heather showed up, and I saw some really awesome pieces including one from a college friend, Alexis Trice. Also there were some amazing pieces from WK Interact, Kaws, and Ron English. On another note there was a piece from Robert Craig, which I would have bought had I gotten there in time, a study drawing for the piece below. All in all a well put together show.

October 28, 2006

tis' the season

Halloween comes upon us, just another reason to buy some stupid toy or decoration, and here it is kaws mobile for 2006! Oh yea, I saw this puppy(haha puppy) going to work and thought I should have one, so I got one.

October 27, 2006

what's that smell

Israelies have infultrated Soho, with well priced goods and tasty drinks. With sandwiches like omelete, tuna, and others(half $3.60 whole $7 something) and drinks (espresso, lemonade, "bangin" hot chocolate) that are sooo good, we had a nice dinner for $23 dollars. But whats that "wiiiii!!!!!" thats right free wifi, and for all you cheap internet chatters, whats that? when are they open till? ALL THE TIME?! Seriously this ones for the college kids, reserve a spot during finals, this is the place to write your thesis.

October 12, 2006

dog gone good time

Luna check she is still cute...

And she's turning into such a lady.

Luna had a playdate with UNA! we decided to cage them and let them battle it out!

I recently got this toy, Love Love Love it, I just got one, the magic of macbook makes it 2...also the magic of macbook makes it one anatomy doll hehe.

The other weekend Jemanda had a visit from Amanda's mom and aunt from Cali! Blue Ribbon to celebrate!

And last night Jemanda welcomed Mary to the crib for an encore good time! high five for blog updates! wooohooo!

October 10, 2006


Its always exciting when you fill out a survey and you finally get to change something, so its not always the same, whether it be your income, age range, or in this case marital status. This is definately a sign of changing times when "living with significant other/partner" becomes a choice for current marital status.

October 01, 2006


Nike recently released the One Time Only Pack. On the other hand Louis Vuitton released the Last time you'll probably see this monogram pack! So for Jemanda's one year anniversary I gifted my gal with this coin purse to memorialize our first.

Kidrobot has created a line of clothes, loud and bright all-over print hoodies, and all kinds of tees and polos. Some very cute stuff at some great prices. I picked up a Flores Hand tee, I love the Cartoon hand. Make sure you check out the rest of the line people, they are supposed to be "limited edition."

On Friday we had a guest over, MARY CHOI (Editor in Chief-MissBehave Magazine). She came to chat it up with the misses. We had some Thai at a restaurant nearby that had a dinning experience that was very unNewYork like. We had some great food though.

Saturday Night we held it down with Eric Clapton himself at the concert at MSG. It was an amazing concert, a concert that only Eric Clapton could have done. Big-ups to Nico and connect for the free tix!