Je of Jemanda

February 28, 2008


Superdeux had his first NY solo show at the Gallery Hanahou. All the heavy hitters in the toy industry were there, Tristan Eaton, Paul Budnitz, and all the rest. For all you who don't know Superdeux was the designer of the stereotype line produced by Red Magic. I had a chance to design one for Staple Design.

February 23, 2008

I Heart these two...


February 21, 2008

Linkin Park

February 19, 2008


I got Hiroko from Japan to pick me up this fella' for Amanda. I gave it to her for Valentines Day. It just so happened to have a plaid shirt, one of Amanda's fav things and also an A on his chest... could it have been any more perfect...

February 14, 2008

iphone moment

Check out the moment I captured on my iphone, outside the DC store in Soho! None other than celebrity DUI #34890573 Ty Pennington shooting for some show...

February 10, 2008

New Tote

After filling a silkscreen order for the original Luna tote. I decided
to do some of the new design. They came out awesome!


We grouped up with Steph at Pret for a delicious meal and then headed over to the MOMA. Always an inspirational place to go and since I'm a member the more often I go the better.

Afterwards we drifted over to the new Gucci at the bottom of Trump Tower. 3 floors of Gucci goodness, while your there check out the gucci leather wrapped pole they use to get the bags off the top shelves. Bergdorf's other windows we missed from our last trip had items that will be in future auctions, check out the Kiki by Murakami! There was also a Spin Art style Hirst and a Richard Prince Nurse painting.
We also spotted the Fafi windows at MAC, so we wandered in. They had 3 girls all dolled up in Fafi style and tons of Fafi goodness all over. On top of the makeup they had they also had some small figures by Medicom. Definitely a great collabo a must see and purchase ;)

February 08, 2008

New Totes coming soon!

Results from all my spare time...

February 07, 2008

Happy Good Fortune

Chinese New Year dinner at the Chinese restaurant with the future Van
Glantz's. Excuse they're expession I caught them at a vulnerable time.

Happy Rat Year!

February 02, 2008

Saturday stumbling

Are you a frequent traveller? Check out the SKY360 lounge by Delta at 57th Street @ 6th Avenue. Free drinks and snacks like on the airplane and some airline goodie bags to be had there! If your out in the cold and need a place to crash its there, and they also have free internet at 3 stations. They even have the airline seat setups with the TV you can watch.
Swing by the Louis Vuitton Store and check out the RIchard Prince bags in the window. Then head in and try on a few bags.
Fendi Bearbricks have shown up at the Fendi store uptown! From what takashi said at Fendi, they won't be available. The bags that go with the bearbricks should be coming in to the store in the next few weeks.
Finally the Bergdorf Goodman windows are amazing in a artsy DIY kind of way. Check'em out, some painstaking time was taken to put these up. Oh hey don't forget to vote for Obama!

The day ended in the afternoon after catching the sneezies, I couldn't stop sneezing... Aaahhh chooo!

February 01, 2008

Muji Run

Yesterday was Muji's First My Bag Day! 15% off all items you buy if you have a my bag! We gazed around and didn't find much but we still picked up some stuff. Yay! My Bag!