Je of Jemanda

December 28, 2007

recreational activity

I finally got a chance to go to the new museum in the Lower East Side. A student discount would get me entry for half the price. Thank goodness since there was probably 5 pieces worth going to take a look at. The stairs you'll probably need to trudge up and down looked pretty awesome. (don't try that photo with an iphone unless you want to run the risk of dropping it)

December 21, 2007

too much travel?!

I know there are alot of flights going on for the holidays but this is insane. It's like a bees nest?! You really need it moving to get what I mean.


Times are changing, brands are rebranding. Kinda makes me feel old and sometimes nostalgic.

December 19, 2007

Whooper is 50!

The Burger King Whopper turns 50 this year and they've sent out packages that contain whopper gear. I got the hat, congrats to the whopper!

Maxim goodie

Thanks Delia we miss you, thanks for the reading material.

December 18, 2007

Z to the A

We took a trip to visit Hannah and Jam in Jerz to see Zia! Future adult extraordinaire! We picked up a fisherprice MP 1-2-3, babies first portable music player for him to rock out too. When it's finally time Jerry uncle and Amanda auntie will bestow upon him an apple 10th generation ipod with 1 terabyte of space. Until then he can jam out to Hip-Hop Elmo, Rasta Ernie and Rocker Cookie Monster!


We took a brief moment to take a holiday family blog photo! Happy Holidays Everyone!

December 10, 2007

weekend holiday


December 07, 2007

Visiting Robyn at the AP

I lived and went to school with Robyn. Eventually I sprouted wings and we parted ways. We still connect every now and then, this time we went up to 33rd St to meet up with her at her job. She works at the Associated Press, which is basically where newspapers and magazines get photos and illustrations and stories from.

In the art department she sits and waits for calls from people who need help getting photos and illustrations, or need to know when their getting them. She also dabbles in the fine art of creating those cool little graphics in the newspapers.

While we were there we got to snoop around at other desks. Just check out this amazing set up with the Cintiq and Large monitor combo, now thats a set up. This guy Mike Sudal is one amazing illustrator, here's one piece that he had on his desk (this one's for the Boston fans out there, DELIA!)

Before we left we wandered around the offices, passed the gym, to their rooftop BASKETBALL COURT! (eat your heart out NRF) Just check out the view of the westside yard from the court. Thanks again Robyn for the coffee!

December 06, 2007

It was a cold day

Amanda was away at a funeral this past weekend and I was all by myself. I decided to head out into the cold and over to Engaged Katie's (the Katie formerly known as yoga Katie) part of town to check out the Banksy Show. After waiting for them to let us it I stood and shivered. The show was what it was, nothing to crazy. Afterwards I just ran back home and back into the warmth of the apartment.

December 02, 2007

Thanksgiving Long Weekend!

I headed out of the city to NJ for holiday festivities. Taking on the NJ transit crowd heading home for the holidays I found a seat on the train, score! An evening going through some boxes of my stuff, I located a few medicom figures that had been MIA since college. Boxes of toys from my past life at KB would go in the sell/throwout pile. My Murakami subway poster would have to wait its turn to return back to the city.

what happens when everyone has a digital camera, at the dinner table

THANKSGIVING DAY, an incredibly warm day would be spent on the computer and watching the world series of poker. For dinner the family would go to my aunt and uncles house where a large group gathering ensued.

- sisterJenn, Mike, and Katie(the thanksgiving day puker)
- cuzRaymond, Lucy, Winston(I want Ham!)
- cuzRoger, and Stacey

After dinner entertainment has always been notorious during the holiday dinners at my aunt and uncles house. This time we would watch Meet the Robinsons, and 28 Weeks Later. I'd recommend both. My sister would leave after Meet the Robinsons to go midnight black friday shopping.

Black Friday I would head out to Long Island to reunite with Amanda and Luna. Chinese food at Iris's crib would be our evening activity. Before we left LI we also paid a visit to Alison's new place where Luna strategically placed her housewarming gift in the front room. Her place looked amazing, she definitely got her martha stewart on for the decor!

Sunday we woke up and hopped a train back to the city. My Aunt called and said they were coming in to the city so we met up with them down in Soho. Jemanda gave them the abbreviated tour of Soho. Quick stop into 45rpm, down to Kidrobot, over to Bape (where we met John Mayer, "Hey, email me we'll do Lunch!"), hit up the Wired store (Roger took some time to master rockband), then down to Muji. We went over to Pain somethin, french spot in soho for a treat and later ended the tour in our apartment. Yea sounds fun doesn't it. Call us we give short and long tours of our favorite spots!

Well we've survived another holiday. Look out Christmas and Chuanakah are coming...