Je of Jemanda

April 30, 2008

Luna Worldwide

Lunasmydog gear is selling left and right, and with all the technology of today I've been able to compile a map of all the purchases we've received. Luna is now all over the US and Alaska! Shop Lunasmydog at our etsy store!

April 29, 2008

Hello there...

There's a shelf in my heart I reserve for all things cute. This figure will always sit on that shelf next to the Luna phone charm and Luna tote (available at

Say Hello to the Hello Kitty x Undercover Vinyl Figure, Produced by Medicom. Mmmhmm.

April 27, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend we had a meal at the fairly new Ditch Plains in the west village. I had the lobster roll, it was so good I forgot to take a picture.

We caught up with the illusive Delia, and the here and there Lanita! They ate and we just annoyed the waiter by hanging out. heh.

April 21, 2008

isights and ifun

Some interesting things I caught in the wild this weekend.

With the recent jailbreaking of my iphone I found a great app that allows you to draw on photos you take with your iphone! I think this is the highlight of my phone now.

April 18, 2008

Food and Framing

Last nite we trekked over to the West Village to get dinner, Rockmeisha was our destination. Tasty yakko and takobo (octopus pancake) and a tekka don (tuna sashimi over tasty rice) was our meal.

I finally got around to framing my other Murakami pieces, seriously about time... Now I wonder how long it'll take to hang them up...oye!

April 15, 2008

weekend fun

April 13, 2008

Yohji Yamamoto shoppe

The Yohji Yamamoto shop in the meat packing district is AMAZING... formerly known as the pointy block where yoyamart is. If you ever walked by this block before this was there you would understand why this store is amazing. They literally hired a crew to ... cut this store from the building. In other word where amanda was standing was inside the building. On the ground they left a footprint of where the previous wall continued. When you walk in the store its complete silence the building is sound proof from the noise of manhattan, like one of those car commercials where the guy gets in the car and it becomes silent. Definitely a must to go and check out if your in the area.

April 12, 2008

murakami in da house

April 11, 2008

Red at Reed

Reed Space just picked up these Converse (red) shoes. They will be available this weekend.... This entry was just a ploy to show off this nifty little guide at the bottom that shows which camera I shoot the pictures with!

The Replacement

Since Amanda's camera was recently ebay'd I thought I'd take the chance to get myself a new camera and pass down my Canon. Welcome the Ricoh GX100 to the family!

iPhone Family

April 08, 2008


Race from office to 88 Orchard (touch door) and back.
Come back into office, press stop on iPhone stopwatch and it must be on an odd # second.
If its an even number, you're placed after all the odd #'s.
Fasted odd # time wins.

Ranking after first event:
1. Jerry 11.1
2. Tanya 11.2
3. Noe 11.6
4. Nico 11.8
5. Ana 11.9
6. Jun 13.2
7. Sindy 27.5
8. Suzette 10.6
9. Kuni 10.7
10. Alicia 12.0
11. Paulo 12.2
12. Do 14.2
13. Max 14.7
14. Alex 00.0 (sorry Alex, we gotta keep it moving)

Who can text the fastest?
This round consists of 3 races. You're average placement will be used to determine final score.
In each round, everyone texts the same sentence to my phone. The order in which I get my texts determines your placement.
2nd round: Everyone texts another sentence to my phone from another person's phone randomly chosen from a hat.
3rd round: Same as 2nd round with ANOTHER person's phone.

Round 1 I came in second, second round I came in first, and third round I came in 4th. For Round 2 of the olympics I came out on top!

In case your wondering 1st place at the end of the olympics takes home a Limited Edition GTA X-BOX!

April 07, 2008


Shlepper's family came over to celebrate Amanda's belated birthday!


April 06, 2008

weekend time.

Dinner with Steph-ster at Congee Village!

Sunday was Japanese at TOMOE!

April 04, 2008

Daily Luna Delivery

This week was filled with Luna drop-offs.
kleenex luna
My Customized Luna Kleenex Boxes came in! Aww... Luna your so cute.
lego luna
At the end of the week Lego Luna came in. That's it for now.