Je of Jemanda

March 31, 2008

Luna Moleskin Notebooks!

I'm a sponge for news and interesting things, my girlfriend Hates it! Why? you ask, because she can never get anything I haven't seen before. So when she found she thought she had found it, an item I haven't found and read about on a blog. Well turns out I just took a little longer to design it. Amanda would later see the email to the engraver in my inbox and huff and puff all the way home. Amanda got me the "luna on a coat hanger" and i got her the "luna in a pocket." I have to admit she did order it before me.

March 30, 2008


After finding the Skurnituresite a year ago, I wanted them right away, but after a few emails they never got back to me. So I took matters into my own hands and had some fabricated! Hell yea! FU SKURNITURE.

Staple got a shipment this week of incase goods, Check out my new red macbook! This hard case fits like a glove now I don't have to worry about a slip case. I should also note it is highly customizable due to its transparency, so for all those you refused to put stickers on your computer can slip something under the case or just sticker up the case! I haven't started but i got ideas going.

This weekend was Amanda's Birthday, so I made her a sign on the wall and got her some tasty cupcakes!
oh yea. sugar sweet sunshine cupcakes!

We also took Luna to the Boston Terrier Meetup, which was the first one outside this year.

March 25, 2008


Welcome to the world Gavin! My new nephew seen here as a "Gavin-Sandwich."

March 24, 2008

kids with guns...

In this day and age is this really what this kid is carrying? Like isn't this a matter of national security?

March 19, 2008

Hot Pot 08

March 15, 2008


An evening watching Pete Francis, a friend of a friends get the jist. It was the first time going to the Highline Ballroom, an amazing new venue. The show was great, always a fun watch, go check out his site and pre-order his album Iron Sea and the Cavalry.

March 14, 2008

Colorsplash session

Robyn came and visited us and it gave me the chance to test out the Lomo Colorsplash I just got. check out the cool colors....

March 12, 2008

Our friend... the SOAP star!

Our friend Katie (previously yoga katie, and runner katie) is getting married, to a SOAP star! Her boy Mr. Craig Glantz was recently on As the World Turns. The clip is his appearance on the show, he's the one persuading the lady to let him have a seat. Cheers!

March 11, 2008

Lunamydog production

Coming soon...

March 10, 2008

Amuse-um weekend!

Sunday we ventured over to Jersey to visit Amanda's coworker and friends, Uni and Hannah for a super breakfast bonanza. The event was held at Uni's crib, a work in progress, but at the level of amazing at the moment. Everyone in attendance brought their kids to the event, CJ, Zia and Luna!

On Saturday we spent the day stompin' through the puddles of the city. We shopped through uptown and took a trip to Moma, they have 2 great exhibits going on, a must go lookie see!

March 06, 2008

Test of patience

The post office aka hell's waiting room. Is truly thee test of patience, many fail will you succeed? As a waited in line today I watched and witnessed a man fail terribly. He came in with his package wrapped up and ready to go but for the ups guy. He was sadly denied. I feel like proper postoffice procedures should be one of those things taught in school right after the "how to do your tax return" class.

March 04, 2008


On Monday, Jemanda hooked up with Yvonne and Chris for a meeting of the minds. We had dinner at a chic little restaurant in Soho called Aurora. I had the cornish hen cooked under a brick, It was great! I washed down with a Jamaican beer Dragon Stout, basically Red Stripes fancy stout. The atmosphere of the place is tres romantic, and the crowd was a bunch of suits. The main debate at the table was whether the table behind us was foreign or old white guys from the financial district. Nice place to go, make sure you make a reservation.

Weekend rewind.

This week we were in Jersey, and so were the ROBOTS! These robots aren't looking for John Conner. In fact they are looking for those huge balls. An exciting competition between robots controlled by high school students. Its like robot wars except they aren't trying to take each other apart, more like working together as a team. A must see, they will be in NY at the Javits center later in the year.
In honor of the robots Amanda decided to wear her nerd glasses and Katie wanted to be like a nerd too. My sister's having a baby in the next few weeks and Katie had to go to some sibling training. She made a baby in the uterus! We also went to a pet store, this was gonna be luna's brother... but he was sold. He wanted a blanket so bad.
Finally its not a trip to NJ without going to Target. Katie found her new baby brother in the store, and we all took turns showing him around Target!