Je of Jemanda

March 30, 2006

post birthday wrap-up

incase you didnt know it was Amandas birthday yesterday, SO what does Amanda's boyfriend get her?

yea a 24K Eyelash Curler and Case! This eyelash curler is one of Shu Uemura's brilliant tidbits. It's Blinging!

my talented girlfriend

My girlfriend never ceases to amaze me, she used all her super skills and figured out image ready(adobe program) enough to make me this little morsel. please enjoy.

March 28, 2006


This toy is up there on the very nice toys list. Measuring in at 10in this bad boy is gonna look great on my ikea shelf. His helmet is even removable! Now if only I can get my hands on a 2000% bearbrick that would really top my collection off!

March 19, 2006


Are you a tech buff? if so you need to check this out jerrydoestech, this is some pretty neat stuff. I wanna see this kind of show in NY. USB is taking the world by storm, like cassette tapes and keychains...but I feel like technology is running so fast that its going out like rotary phones already. we'll just have to wait and see as technology progresses.

March 17, 2006

feelin renovated...

reed space is being renovated. Check out the floors spiffy ehh?

March 14, 2006


boss Jeff is in the land of the rising sun, pimpin out the Fall Staple line.

Amanda and Co-worker Vicki are visiting HK toy factories.

March 07, 2006

strike a pose!

sometimes bored minds think alike.

whats in your head...

I get to see alot of facial expressions of my girlfriend working sometimes I wonder what the heck is she thinking about... SO... here is my rendition of what she's thinking about at this moment.

March 06, 2006

nothing interesting.

I went home for the weekend. My sister had a bridal shower. nothing really interesting.

here's Amanda xeroxing her face and hand.

March 02, 2006


The other day I made a stop with Amanda to the Mac store in Soho. To our surprise they have their intel processor macbook pros. So what a boy to do, Gotta take some frontrow pics before we leave. Although I got to play with the new macbooks, I really wasent able to gauge the speed increase of the computer, no adobe programs on'em either so no testing. boo...

March 01, 2006

I believe you have my briefcase

Surfing the internet for cool new gadgets and million dollar ideas, I ran in to this little item that I must say is quite the looker. This is the E-ttache its a full functional computer in a briefcase! For me an owner of one of apple's bite sized computers, This looks amazing. But really can you imagine going into someone's office and presenting with one of these babies... MIND BLOWING.

As Seen at NRF...

If you were at NRF early enough for the first game, you would have witnessed the reality of Jeffstaple imfamous creator of the Pigeon Dunk WEARING them to play basketball. Sneakerheads everywhere dropping jaws, but the distruction of earth was unlikely. Still something that may go down in history. katrina... jeff wearing pigeons at NRF...

STPL flavored

This Nike shoe thats coming out in late FALL of 06' seems to have some jerrydoes and STPL flavor to it, could it be cause we help bring this design to fruition?