Je of Jemanda

September 29, 2009

AKB48 US Debut

Let's see how do you describe AKB48... its uhm these teenage idols from Japan that sing and dance and look cute. They performed a free show at Webster Hall on Sunday, which was their US debut. As we walked in to the show we were handed a glow stick and a handkerchief. It was quite the show. Check out their official site for more info here.

Here's a YouTube video that sums up kinda what we saw...

Je sans la manda day.

September 28, 2009

METs Game!

My first Baseball game was spent with the Glantz's. Though the Mets didn't have as great of a time as we did it was pretty fun experiencing a baseball game.

At the beginning of the game we had this view.

Then we moved and ended up with this view, and minutes later nearly got hit in the head with a foul ball.

Finally by the end of the game we moved to these seats... we were really close.

Imprint Conference 2009

This years Imprint was in New York, once again I helped with design and creative for the conference.

Birthday Cake

Since my Birthday was going to be on the same day as the Imprint Conference, Amanda decided to bake me a cake for my Bday the day before.

September 27, 2009

Dinner hosted by Big Browns Parents

During my birthday week Big Brown aka Shlepper's Parents took us out to dinner at Yakiniku West. I'm not always keen on cooking my own food but it was great! We ate a cow to say the least.

September 21, 2009


I had a fit meeting to go to, it's always nice to get outta the office. From left to right: Kuni "fit ninja", Chad, jeffstaple and Laurel.

September 20, 2009

Sunday spent in the city.

We always cherish the weekends that we spend in the city and don't need to go visit the family. This Sunday we headed uptown to check out the Merci popup at the Gap white space. On the way we dropped in to Saks to say hi to Amanda's shoe mama Jodie!

Amanda please take off that shoe.

We got to check out the terrace that's right outside of Jodie's office.

It was really sunny.

Nice views.

Amanda's new vintage shades. They don't block that much sun, she's squinting.

I got the dirty look.

Pepe Rosso for dinner.

September 19, 2009


Jemanda n' Luna ventured out to Babylon, LI to check out Allison and Jarrett's new home.

An amazing capecod style home on the waterfront. It's really an awesome spot!

The boats are right across the street! No ships in this port.

I found 110 here.

Sara dropped by!

Pandemonium, this wmns boutique had a Ms.Pacman arcade game. FREE PLAY!

Luna met some geese and swans.

September 15, 2009

Street Moment ::Thong::

Street moment.


Whenever GapChris comes to town we like to meet up and have dinner at some new food spot. This time around it was Matsugen, awesome shi shi fo fo atmosphere but really chill. Food was amazing. Just going for the prefixe was perfect!

This is what Amanda had. It was really good too.

It was labeled as bukkake *NSFW on the reciept... should be labeled bukkake soba.

Wish this was my collection...

kidrobot offices. Just a overwhelming wash of emotions come over me when I go there :)

September 13, 2009

Brimfield Trip

Amanda was heading out to Brimfield for the largest antique show in the U.S. So me and Luna decided to tag along. Rhonda from Burton decided to meetup with us too! It was an awesome experience, hopefully we'll have an apt to furnish next time round. More photos on the facebook.

September 03, 2009

Seen n' Shot.

Paul Smith celebrates Woodstock by decorating their windows WITH Woodstock, Snoopy's sidekick. I love it!

ATM lightboxes turned into mini billboards. This one looks very nice.

Goodbye Lance. See you in HK. Pt2

Damn good seafood...

Representing to say goodbye!

In Lance's Face.

Lance gettin' Amanda a gift...

Nice Moustache!

September 01, 2009

Goodbye Lance! See you in HK!

Richard Prince LV Bag

Fashion Week...

Smart Fleet!

I've seen this done before with a mini cooper but now they've done it with a fleet of smart cars!

Weekend Revue.

Breakfast with Luna. She's such a busy puppy, it's always nice when we can catch up on what she's up too.

Dinner with the Glantz's at the pizza spot Co.

The ladies.

The fellas.

The ever so patient Luna. Waiting for Amanda to get going...

Another Visit to our future home.

Checking out the commitment letter.

Ladder view of the space.

Amanda needed the ground looking up perspective.