Je of Jemanda

January 27, 2007

he's bear, thats B-E-A-R!

sometimes bear tries to be like me.

afro samurai

I just started watchin Afro Samurai on spike tv and I noticed that shepard fairey's giant gets in on the action in the first episode. So far so good it seems like a solid anime, with soundtrack done by none other than the RZA. check it out!

January 24, 2007

new camera

Hello Canon sd630, welcome to Jerry's collection. The Canon s200 that was given to me by jeffstaple has finally kicked the can its lasted almost 3yrs. Anyway here's the replacement, may it last as long as the s200.

crappy neighbors

Every Thursday-Saturday the bar across the street from our apartment get nice visitors, loud and rowdy drinkers. So why not embrace it and take some photos, just check these two ladies out discussing who their gonna take home tonight.

January 23, 2007

Luna's gettin around the net

Luna's popping up all over the net, here she is on Logan Hicks blog. A well known stencil artist, who was recently in the city for an event at Atmos in Harlem. He happened to stop by Reed Space, and met Luna!

January 10, 2007


Time spent in LI to relax and decompress.