Je of Jemanda

November 27, 2006


The second coming of the Chanel bearbrick is now in the windows of the soho store! The only thing I can do is watch and drool as these toys come in and out of the window displays. Blogger Note: I am planning to sneak one of these bears out of the store, please if you can supply any of the following I would much appreciate your help... I need 3 fat ladies...One very large woman to take out the sun, Another to block the security guards vision and another one to hide in while I snatch and exit with one...It's actually just in the draft phase but I think im real close.

On a sadder note. YOU YES YOU JARED LETO YOU DID THIS! you and your silver crocs, it was just one big joke wasen't it, now look, look what you've done... Next thing you know we've got kids wearing all-over print hoodies and some limited edition crocs on, then and only then will we truly be able to laugh at them...

Thanksgiving was spent at Amanda's place in LI, It was one filling good time! We watched a documentary on video games on TV, who knew steve jobs was one of the inventors of break out. Then the feasters came over and we feasted on thanksgiving goodnesses.

The day after Thanksgiving we again took sometime to feast at Iris's house. We had good italian from Phil's and Dunkin Donuts to wash it down, just amazing.

One last treat to top of the weekend, we headed out to New Jersey where we caught up with Amanda's preggo friend Hannah, we strolled around a lake dined on pizza. After we headed back to their crib and watched the first season of the office and had some toll house cookies!

That wraps up my weekends good times.

November 19, 2006

Power Weekend!

Jemanda's Friday night was spent in Brooklyn, where we had a meal with Crate(aka Craig n' Katie), Lana and Maria! Cafe Lafayette was the destination! Good food and good time.

After dinner we were off to BAM where we watched Pete Francis and The Flyers, great music and great atmosphere. To wrap it all up this night went from Good to Great!

We were waiting all week planning and making sure we would make this event. THE BOSTON MEETUP! a great time with boston terriers running everywhere. Here's Luna meeting everyone.

click to enlarge

We saw brown ones and small ones and big ones and blue eyed ones. It was a mixer of Bostons with all types of traits almost like a Darwin book documenting the evolution of a breed. Can't wait for the next one.

That evening Luna slumbered and with bread pudding in tow we ran back to Brooklyn. This time it was to Amanda's co-workers place Yvonne who's boyfriend happens to be JorOne(artist of doughnut painting in photo). When there we stuffed ourselves full with all kinds of goodies it was like a thanksgiving dinner.

When we left we happened upon the tenant notice from the HIP HOP CITY CORP! and then to top it off a NO SMOOKING sign.

That's basically the in's and out's of the weekend wrapped up into one small little package that you can carry around on your keychain!

November 13, 2006

extended roundup

Mary and Manda take sometime to gossip and catchup...

We then trek off to Jersey for some Jerseytime!

(click to enlarge)

Basically time on the farm, time in the mall and time at the Olive Garden was all we could hack before running back to the good ol' NYC.

Finally, Luna put on a fashion show for us, she got some new gear from old navy, "That's my girl."

November 04, 2006

Friday Night Fun

Yes, the ladies of the night against the NYC backdrop, Fresh paint laid on this building by the london police. I thank them for doing this piece, this will make every walk to work worth while.

Later Jemanda and friend Katie met up with Jerry's friend Heather for one big meet up fun at Congee Village on Bowery, Later dessert was served at Hiroko's Place on Thompson. The evening was topped off with a play session with Luna. Good fun Good night.

November 03, 2006

Luna's growing up

photo courtesy of Yvonne's Blackberry Pearl

Luna's growing up, working at Baby Gap now and obviously not loving it. In reality Luna's gone with Amanda to work today, and she looks crabby because she had a vet visit and the vet gave her 2 shots. Cheer up Luna Amanda's has treats hiding in her bag!

November 02, 2006


As I walked home tonight I noticed the uniqlo store was setting up, I thought I'd snap a photo. Here it is in all its glory, the first uniqlo flagship store. Designed by Wonderwall the same people who did the Bape store.

November 01, 2006

lunchtime choice good or bad?

Everyday in the office choices are made. But the biggest one is, where do we eat lunch? Recently the Boss(jeffstaple) has brought a new tool to the table, SeamlessWeb. But the question still remains is the choice good or bad...

NICO: I checked the Reviews it's good.

jeffstaple: You always check the reviews.

TANYA: I do too.

jeffstaple: I go by instinct.


This Halloween was spent watching the looney's as they made their way to the parade... Then off to dinner at the Sullivan Diner where it was bumpin'.