Je of Jemanda

August 31, 2008

As seen in GAP

August 30, 2008

Amanda Flips Out!

In NJ Amanda's flipping out!

August 29, 2008

As seen in Target in NJ

August 23, 2008


Amanda got a webkinz from work. I got it some Vintage Levi's and a pair of Wayfarer's

August 20, 2008

We People.

As notorious as Bigfoot, Steph's BF, Sean. Caught on camera last week on a shopping whirl around the city.

Caught a showing of Avenue Q with cousin Daniel, and my sister Jenn. It's quite a delightful little show they've put together. Highlights include songs like, Everyone's a little bit racist, The internet is for porn, and Schadenfreude (google it, it's a good one)!

After the show I caught up with the rest of the crew, aunt Shirley, she went to see Rent, uncle Joe and cousin Jackie caught the Phantom of the Opera. White Girl came with us to see Ave Q!

August 18, 2008

Red Chair.

An opportunity fell in Amanda's lap to get an Eames Plywood chair and boy was she ecstatic. That day we set our alarm clock and was up and ready to pick it up. Here we are posing in the subway after retrieving it.

Finally we got it back to the apartment. Now it's part of the family.

August 17, 2008

I saw...

This weekend we decided to indulge in some Chinatown action. We hit up a soup dumpling spot and afterwards was tempted by the chinatown ice cream factory. We tasted some Durian ice cream... It was interesting... Amanda's reaction "Ewwwwww".

The Boston Terrier Meetup was this weekend. I caught this photo of Luna, doesn't she look happy!

Olympic fever has hit chinatown. Just look at the people spilling on to the sidewalk hoping to get a glimpse of some olympic action! Get some cable people!

Finally, the fiance chilling outside of the apartment chatting away on the phone. "Stay Luna...Good Dog."

August 15, 2008

Poke War I

What happens when the "facebook" poke goes too far? When it jumps to your IM away messages and then ultimately on to Blogger and Tumbler... My choice of Poke, Blogger, Liz used Tumbler (so innovative and ahead of the game). Ultimately I was defeated when I broke bloggers terms and conditions (the NO POKE clause). Bummer, I should have just started a "poke Liz" group on facebook and had a bunch of people post poke images. Oh the bitter defeat... POKE, LIZ!

August 14, 2008

It's a fad like beanie babies...

Seems like these manga characters are the new internet fad. So who am I to not do one.

August 13, 2008

Olympics sponsored by Swiffer

I was watching badminton and noticed they use swiffer's to clean the court after every match! Hilarious.

From Amanda with Love.

Amanda gifted me this lovely pimped out ride. Oh honey, I heart you!

August 12, 2008

another day...

Strolling through the city Jemanda takes a self portrait of themselves.

Canned coffee, mmmm... I picked this up a sunrise mart on broome. In Japan you'd have a vending machine on every block, I wish I was in Japan.

The other day this poor dog was left outside of 88 Orchard while it was pouring. He was smart enough to jump into the flower box and out of the rain. Poor puppy.

August 11, 2008

iPhone Sartorialist

Seen at Sullivan St and Houston.

August 10, 2008

More Olympics

Taking a break from the tourist hustle and bustle that is Soho, we took some time in our little safe-haven park for a little popsicle break. Luna wasn't so happy that she didn't get any.

Watching some of these olympic events on the internet allows you to see alot of things that you would have missed in past olympics. Just take a look at the excitement from this fencer, fist pumping and all.

Watching this archery competition I dunno if I was watching a ninja movie or a olympic event. Look at the fierceness.

August 09, 2008


Olympics are here! and it's on the other side of the world.

As I watched the opening ceremony on TV I was already watching the Live action of the events on the internet! NBC has really done an amazing job to produce such an amazing site with such minimal lag time. It was even better than watch the sling box.
I watched China take on the world and win Gold in womens weight lifting. Sooo exciting...

August 08, 2008

Another drop of things from a portion of my life, headed your way...

I picked up some dragon fruit from Chinatown this past week. After googling up the proper method of preparing it we enjoyed some nice refreshing dragon fruit for desert. I like to say it's like a kiwi watermelon fusion, you get the seeds like kiwi and the dull flavor like biting into a watermelon. Some people like to put it in salad, I'll have to try that the next time I pick some up. Price of it runs around $3.50 each.

I believe I've just been googled, I caught a glimpse of this vehicle at the intersection of Spring and Centre street. It had the 360 apparatus on top that the google streetview vehicles use.

Olympics are starting and around Chinatown you can catch a glimpse of some olympic pride with some flags being displayed in the streets.

Pearl Oyster Bar where Jemanda goes for good lobster rolls.

August 06, 2008


On Jemanda's Whole Foods Visit of the month we found Top Chef filming a challege inside!

And some other interesting things I took pictures of...

Cool Sticker, I like it, its cute and kinda reminds me of Murakami.

In the daytime you'd never spot this in some persons lobby but at night my eyes saw this and was in AWE.

Miqi! Miqi! Miqi!

August 03, 2008

Green in the City

This weekend we took a walk on the new renovated Hudson River Park. It's nice, it's by the water, it's got a great view, etc... bring the sunscreen it's sunny.

They also installed some free telescopes so you can check out Jersey City, you can also zoom in real close on the sailboats in the river. I used my camera to get some nice shots, check out the Statue of Liberty.

Later in the day we strolled through Chinatown to get to Nolita. On our way I noticed an animal crate next to a buddhist temple. With my curiosity I decided to look and see if anything was inside, I typically wouldn't take a second look but something just told me to check. To my surprise there was a kitten inside! This was an animal crate in the sun it must have been at least 80 some degrees outside. I went in to the temple to inquire if the kitty was theirs, no dice. So we went over to Animal Haven which happened to be up the street, they told us that they should be the last resort and to try some other channels. We went back to the kitten and Amanda began furiously dialing numbers. The Buddhists in the temple invited us in to get the kitty out of the sun. After what must have been an hour without finding any help what so ever. We ended up taking the kitten to Animal Haven. So now it's safe and taken care of. Phew...