Je of Jemanda

July 26, 2006



I usually don't write about this type of things but heck lookie here... Please tell this girl to get some tennis shoes, or maybe its the secret of tennis, Call Venus and tell her to strap on some dunks! Not that its a shock but its nice to see how down to earth celebs are these days, "YO SON, SHE'S IN THE GAME".


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This past weekend Amanda and I got new shoes! just another pair of shoes, or are they... In fact we picked up a pair of the new Nike+ Moire's. Today I broke'em in with a nice 4mi stroll around the city. With the new "Nike+" chip I get a nice graph from their website, and you can just see the progression and even chart where I was. Amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who runs, or anyone who has their ass on the edge of their couch ready to run.

July 25, 2006

Chairman Staple

With Staple's 10th anniversary coming full steam ahead. I figured I'd show how big the "jeffstaple" icon has become. When I started at Staple people just called him Jeff("he owns Staple"), but now since then he is now called jeffstaple("aka he made the pigeon dunks"). Its been quite a ride watching the icon evolve but sooner or later it just might be chairman jeffstaple("ruler of stapleland").

July 18, 2006

my buddy story

My buddy Sean, has a blog It's a great blog about body "things," tats and other things. But now he's away with the Warped Tour... You can catch him on Warped Tour:Inside Out on the Fuse Channel Tomorrow WED @ 9pm!


When the Reed Space got in the LOMO fisheye camera, I was really excited because I didnt have to pay full price for it. It turned out to be a great investment. just look at the great pictures it took! I highly recommend it. Lomo also just released a new version of the fisheye with a lot of neat new features including slower shutter speeds and the option of an external flash.

Quick Tips (at least from what i've noticed):

Get Close- You get nice round faces when you get close to your subject.

Off Center- When you off center the subject of your picture you capture some of the bubble that the fisheye creates.

Lines- The more horizontal lines going across the picture the better the fisheye effect will come across

July weekends (picture perfect)

Team Jemanda spent this past weekend in Jersey, we did make our way to pennsylvania for a little relaxing. While there we stumbled into a coffee shop with a very interesting sign, well until we took the menu away.

July 17, 2006

Wild Card

Todays one of those wild card days where I pull the pictures off the good ol' cellie, that i've been meaning to post about!

Here we have a "nice" display of graphic design. I like this package so much I thought i'd bootleg it with a little jerry touch. But really look at the childs picture his facial expression, its really priceless.

And i'd just like to tell everyone that I like asse, Asse Candies that is! wonderful name for this japanese treat! Kids to Grown-ups all love ASSE! YAY!

July 16, 2006

Heather's New Toy

My college friend got a new mac, she was one of those PC users...well now shes got the mac and look how productive she is. Apple's greatest innovation lately in my opinion has been to put the isight in the computer, and just look at the results!

July 10, 2006

Lazy Saturday

This past saturday was a nice example of R&R (rest and relaxation). After a nice brunch and walk with Amanda's parents, we took some time to relax on the fire escape and catch up on some computer time. photo shot with an isight.

July 08, 2006


Just got a new macbook this past week... and let me tell you sooo much photobooth fun! So far this is the best app that I have ever played with, hrs of fun. So many faces to make so little time. here's just a sampling of what kind of absurd things im doing.

July 04, 2006


Morning of the fourth we head uptown. MAC STORE! we played with the multiIchat thing. Then we met up with Steph(aka McGriddles) and headed into Saks where the ladies shopped... We later found ARON's restaurant, who knew, he had a restaurant, amazing!

While walking around the Upper Town. We find this freakshow I call "The Devil wears Uggs". Only the devil in her right mind would wear uggs in this crazy ass heat. DAMN YOU, YOU MAKE ME FEEL THAT MUCH HOTTER LOOKING AT YOUR FEET!

Fireworks as seen around the ferry port. ohhh look at the bright light!

July 03, 2006

Jerry d ID that!

I had the chance to design some shoes at the Nike 255 space for the work I did with the NRF. This pair of AF1 are the result of my session. Patent Leather and Kangaroo leather make up these puppies... Thank You NRF cant wait till next season!