Je of Jemanda

May 30, 2006


Have you ever wanted a jerrydoes background for your SLVR phone?! here is one of jerrydoes limited edition cellphone backgrounds. Just drag it to your desktop and load it on your MOTOROLA SLVR!


Before I left for California I was fortunate enough to finish the most recent issue of Dime Magazine, hurry and go get a copy.

May 19, 2006


Celebrity Sightings List
1. Pharrell (Neptunes Fame)
2. Janice Dickinson (Surreal Life, First Supermodel)
3. Johnathan (Bravo Channels BlowOut)
4. Courtney Love (Tabloid Regular)

Later That Day....Munky King Opening

Artist Sighting List
1. Shepard Fairey (OBEY)
2. Shag (he's got his own style)
3. Kozik (Smorkin)
others were there not paying over it. I'd rather be the artist being seen than the one looking.

May 17, 2006

YAY California

This post is being created at the Santa Monica, APPLE STORE!!!! its a wonderful thing!

May 16, 2006

Leavin on a jetBlue plane

Left this morning at 4:40am for the airport, at the airport we spotted jason schwartzman... then away we went.

May 14, 2006

"this shoe is protected by kitty"

This past few weeks we had a nice visitor in our apt. "kitty" Amanda's cat that usually lives with her parents. Since she was gonna be in the apt. for a few weeks I decided to give her a task, to guard my "pigeon dunks." I must say she did a good job of keeping my shoes safe.

May 13, 2006


Look out, here's the latest in tech bling from the jeweler genius COMPLETE TECHNIQUE he's created what I call the apple lovers wet dream. But please PC lovers don't shy away from his jewelry yet he's got AMAZING speaker pendants too! If you really wanna see these babies up close take a trip to Reed Space 151 Orchard St, NY 10002 (Lower East Side).


And a return into the blogging seat. Here's the lastest doodie in my life. Me and the girliefriend gots bear doodiea yummy little treat from Amanda's parents, who also got me a tee 'bonus' yessss! Also we had some new experiences, like coke BLAK (aka coffee soda) 45 calories. I give it a Yum on the yum yum meter.

May 07, 2006


Out with winter, In with winter sales... for me this was a choice to stay warmer in the future winter's to come. I personally haven't bought a winter jacket in years, and when a chance to buy a jacket that fits well came along, I jumped. Say hello to my new jacket!

May 06, 2006


MEXICANO FOR DE MAYO we had a nice dinner with a crew of people. Cory, Clark, Katie, Steph, Karen, Amanda, me...anyway we had a great time, we basically took over poor ol' sabor de mexico...mmm mmm they have some great mexican food. afterwards I found a great pile of bricks.

Then to top off a great night...well I got abducted. Seen here last... you can see me being taken.