Je of Jemanda

September 30, 2008


Just one shot of LA for now.

September 25, 2008

Birthday goes on...

Harmonie "the Superstar" came to visit and celebrate my birthday! OK, maybe not really to celebrate my birthday but she was here for it.

This sign has been hanging in our apartment since Amanda's Bday and now it's finally evolved into my bday! Amanda decided to use the "thin" typeface approach for my name.

We had some cupcakes in the office! They say H-A-P-P-Y-2-6-J-E-R-R-Y!

Here I am giving the sugary goodness the "eye." I kinda have a big black thing going on.

Here are a few of the gifts I picked up... Wire Luna! which was actually modeled after a picture of Luna (thanks Harm!), Colette Hello Kitty (thanks Amanda), and White Smurf (gift to myself from Colette x Gap store)!

Delia's B-day was on the 24th so we got her a limited edition LV bag! It was HOT I mean its a lighter too.

September 22, 2008

birthday begins.

My sister's family came in to the city on the weekend, so we toured the borders of chinatown and on into chinatown...

We took them over to papabubble where we got our sugar fix before we did more walking. Being from Jersey they don't walk that much.

Onward to Mr Tang's where we grabbed some eats and get our fortunes told.

Then onto dessert Katie needed to go to the bathroom so Jenn went and picked up a bubble tea, and before she could finish it we arrived at the chinatown ice cream factory! Gavin couldn't eat the ice cream so he just ate Amanda's knee, I really can't explain his obsession with the knee, he's a baby who knows what they are thinking.

Amanda got a scoop of red bean and one scoop of black sesame. Yes, she did share.

Felissimo! Design House

We took a minute to head uptown where Felissimo Design House was having a Japan Showcase. It was an interesting and fun display of japanese everyday goods. It was kind of a tease since you can't just buy and take the stuff home.

Birthday now with added Powers!

September 19, 2008

Amazing really it's name is Amazing.

Grabbed some dinner with Steph, we had "my" people food, Chinese.

Nice Truck

I spotted this "little ice cream truck that could" on Orchard Street. Here's the site that its linked to.

September 18, 2008


What would you do?

As seen on TV...

Part of the Wednesday night festivities at 110 Sullivan is being forced to watch America's Next Top Model. This week I noticed Russell James's Assistant happens to be wearing a Staple Pigeon Tee ! Check it out!

scoot scoot

I spotted a brand new Ruckus (aka Zoomer in Japan) outside of Starbucks. jeffstaple owns a black one. I'd love to get one, it would definitely get me across town alot faster but I'd probably need a sidecar for Luna! Like this...

September 13, 2008


Here and gone again.

Took a trip over to the Classic Car Club down by the entrance of the Holland Tunnel to do some measuring for an event. I met up with this cutie Monkee, I'm gonna have to bring Luna over to play with her.

September 09, 2008

Quality Time

Luna wanted to have some quality time with me. So she snuggled up to me while I ate some cantaloupe. I tried to match her sad face.

September 08, 2008

iPhone Scribble of the Day!

September 07, 2008


ExRoomate Robyn came over to watch the VMA's with Jemanda!


Napapiriji in Soho has these amazing Pillow couch things that are amazingly comfy and Luna LOVES them. This store has been in Luna's life since a wee pup.

Chris is in town from SF, this time we dined at Rockmeisha, great eats!

We had some brunch with the newlyweds Brian and Navah, Congrats Guys!

Our neighbor whipped up some cupcakes for their "white trash party reunion". She used the magical recipe from Magnolia. It was tasty.

September 03, 2008

This is how we live, this is how, this is how we live...

Yes, put on your virtual PJ's and come immerse yourself in a cyber slumber party in the panorama of Jemanda's Loft

September 02, 2008

Designed to live my life.

This is what it would look like, if you were taking a picture of yourself stealing a magazine from the magazine shop.

Mexican food from Lupe's, No Lupe Fiasco didn't open a restaurant. I still like Florencia 13 but it was a nice change of pace. Steph tagged along, she loves mexican food.

This is the sexiest peach I ever ate.