Je of Jemanda

April 25, 2006

what was lost is now found!

In December I lost my wallet. Recieving an email almost 4 months later about my lost wallet was pretty amazing. Almost as amazing was when I lost my cellphone and found it months later. My things always seem to find their way back to me.

April 23, 2006


NYU SUMMER BULLETIN-Yes its a MURAKAMI! this summer bulletin cover was designed by Takashi Murakami. If you don't know him look him up.

April 20, 2006


I recently recieved this FREE pen in the mail, why?, because I'm FREAKIN COOL! yea who can say they have a pen that says jerry does design, damn straight, Jerry can! anywho I also went to see a show, RED LIGHT WINTER... "red light" wink wink winter=Burrrr It was one of those great shows that are kinda weird and sort of like a mind fuck. I give this show a very good rating. Check it out for yourself HERE

April 17, 2006


DAY OFF, so... jerrydoescars! We went to the autoshow where we imagined owning all the cool and expensive cars. This years show was alright, nothing to great. We did get to see the Mercedes SLR and played with the VW "fast."


Saturday was a day of walking, lots and lots of walking, from soho, to the meatpacking, to union sq and back down..a nice circle. Later that evening we were supposed to meet Amanda's parents and head to staten island, but that didnt work out but we did head to Coney Island. It was amazing out. You could tell SPRING was everywhere...wink wink!

Some people just cant control themselves...geeez.

April 14, 2006


April 14, 2006 is a day that will live in all of our lives for it was KATIE'S BIRTHDAY! We went to a great place called A.O.C. Bedford, an amazing little spot downtown and west...somewhere there. The nights festivities included taking pictures, presentation of Maria's Bag(Louis), gifts, Maria's Apt x Bag x Gift bag, presentation of Amanda's Bag(Miumiu), Katie's Dessert(with special candle), and saying good bye...

Now to the food wrapup
Beef tartare
Main Dishes:
Striped Bass with some type of Curry sauce
Beef(Medium) with some type of Crispy things
Chocolate Cake(that oozes) with a rasberry sorbet on top


This night could only be summed up as


You know you want this tee shirt. If your a Yankee's fan or a fan of good design your gonna want to pick up this AMAZING tee brought to you by STPL and PUMA. You can only get them ONLINE (click it bitch), at Reed Space, and the SOHO PUMA store. With only 200 available get yours NOW!.

April 08, 2006

Apartment Stuff

Here's a quick breakdown of stuff thats in our apt. Just look at the cool stuff i've gotten, it's like I have a hole in my wallet heh.

may the COURTFORCE be with you...

WE have da CourtForce! As you can see Amanda has Acquired the HecticxNike Courtforces, and I thought i'd just take a picture of them with my HTM Courtforces. (big ups to jeffstaple for gettin us 2 out of 3).

After the slumber

Slumber party ends and we decided to go get some breakfast. On the way to the corner deli, Katie lost her wallet. boo, but then got it back minus 40 bucks.

April 07, 2006

good evening.

Here's the "good evening" wrap-up.
1. Went to Noodle Bar
2. Walked
3. Coffee
4. Magazine Shop (not seen)
5. slumber party with the katester!
6. night.

Doin a little investigating

This is the product of snoopin through peoples junkmail heh.


Click image to BLOW-UP!

Today I walked by the new DC shop that replaced the Quiksilver store in SOHO. Here's a peek until you get there. Kinda interesting. They literally put this store together in like 3 weeks. Truly Amazin.

April 06, 2006


ALERT ALERT, here's the Hottest footwear for all you computer nerds like me out there. Just another reason to give the ladies a reason NOT to date you.

Toppin off a good night.

This evening Amanda and I met up with Lance and Becca for the Gorillaz show at the Apollo, great show. After a great show we need to go home and relax, a little trip to the local deli for some treats is always a good topper to the evening. Tonights choice LIMITED EDITION KIT KAT! They have them in Japan and they have them here now but I don't think the majority of the population in the US is as excited as they are in Japan. GO LIMITED EDITION! YAY!

April 05, 2006

Festivities for the Night!

Tonight I will be accompanying my girlfriend to the legendary Apollo Theatre where we will watch one of the most interesting bands around the Gorillaz! This will be my second time seeing them in concert. On a side note as you can see in the picture that is my new wallet bought for me by Amanda at Il Bisonte, they make dope leather goods (wallets, purses, keychains, etc) all hand made.

April "snow" showers

The US goverment today announces that "April snow showers bring may flowers". That is all...

weekend catch up...

This weekend was chock full of good weather. On saturday it was work at the New improved Reed Space(151 Orchard St!) and Sunday was relaxation... sort of. The morning was started with a nice cup of joe. Sippin' illy coffee from Sullivan Street Bakery in the park were it was nice and quiet.

Then for the rest of the day I was dragged around for a rollercoaster of Shopping with the GF and friends!....