Je of Jemanda

December 21, 2008

More skillz than Martha Stewart!

Oh yea my baby can bake. just look at the union jack icing job she did on that cake for her co-workers baby shower party. In case your saying in your head "Hey, its missing some lines" well she decided to do the Great Britain version. Move over Martha here comes Amanda Martin!

December 19, 2008

Button Eyes...

I visited and made this little number! Check out the trailer its a goodie.


Random photo of Gavin eating at 5 Guys, he didn't get to have the burger.

I'm Loving the lettering outside of whitebox. So well done, and the cropping is amazing.


December 16, 2008

Reminder to set your DVR!

Just a reminder!


I have a serious problem with reading blogs... The need to know and absorb new information, the latest information that comes out, as soon as possible. Sometimes I don't even need to read the entire blog entry, I just need the jist of the entry or a picture to satisfy my NEED then I continue to the next entry. Google reader makes this task easy and feeds the problem. I need a vacation from the grid.

December 15, 2008


As if you couldn't get enough of the cutest couple EVER! Jemanda will be featured on the Style Networks, Martha Stewart Living Special The Art of Cakes II. Airing Tomorrow Tuesday, December 16th, 9PM! Don't miss it!

December 12, 2008

Spotted on Top Chef

Episode 5 of Top Chef was filmed this past summer and just aired this past week. Amanda spotted me looking like a lost child you can see my yellow nikes!

December 04, 2008

Oh really!

I'm a big fan of Kozyndan and I stalk their flickr all the time. When I first saw the bunnyfish they got from a fan I was dying to get my hands on one. When I heard they were shopping around for a factory to make them I was psyched, then I forgot about it. Then I saw the post that they have them in their shop. Now I have one!

I toasted some marshmallows on the stove to please Amanda. They were tasty.

Gizmodo's popup spot at reed annex opened up today and I hurried over to get my phone lasered. A little luna love is now permanently on my iphone I now pray that my iphone never breaks...oh Crap...

December 02, 2008


We packed up our stuff and headed out to L.I. this year for Thanksgiving. Luna Loved running around on the grass. We had dinner with Debbie and family. We ate alot of tasty foods.

For Thanksgiving weekend we did a distance run on the train to New Jersey. We just relaxed and shopped, Jackie the cousin stopped by so we went to Princeton for a whirl and a ice cream.

Luna once again enjoyed some moments on the grass and Amanda, got bounced around on the neighbors trampoline.

We topped off the weekend with a hot pot dinner with everyone there. It was an amazing way to top off the Thanksgiving weekend.