Je of Jemanda

November 24, 2009

Brooklyn Weekend Brunch

Rhonda from VT was in town and she met us in Brooklyn to have some Brunch!

General Greene was the spot. I had some scrambled eggs and grits n' cheese.

Afterwards we walked back to check out our new apt.

Later we went to Dumbo where we spit off and headed to the Brooklyn Flea under the Brooklyn Bridge. Better believe I begged Amanda to get this Giant Remover Display!

Amanda picked up a new wooden crate and some stencil templates.

We walked home from Dumbo.

November 23, 2009

Some family drop in

Gavin really took a liking to Luna's bed.

We all just took in the cable we had just gotten installed that morning and experienced a new takeout spot using seamlessweb.

First days

Our first days in our new apartment and we've gotten our first fresh direct order. Amanda picked up some items to make some tomato soup, which came out amazing!

Amanda didn't get to finish the soup since she cut herself while cleaning a knife.

Along with the burn she got on her finger the other day she wasn't very happy. But did I mention the soup came out awesome?!

In order to catch up on our TV we were "borrowing" an internet connection.

Move Day

We hired Movers, not Shakers! for the big move. They did a great job 1.5 to get everything out...

... 1.5 hrs to put it all in...

Needless to say no more pictures were taken that day.

November 22, 2009

The PreMove... Move

For our premove plan we were going to head to Long Island to pickup a mattress and then back to the city to move a small amount of things. Well plans didn't really work out as planned. We ended up at the Artimide warehouse sale and then Lowes to pick up some wood to use as a bunkie board. Later we got to move some items from the apartment.

Stuart and Barbra swung through and brought us some goodies for dinner and to check out our new apartment.

We were wiped out...

November 19, 2009

Ahh.. yes the good ol' days

Back when I was a boyfriend and Amanda would chain me to the fence while she went to the shop for some cupcakes.

me likey

Hello Kitty on Scooter!

Nice mantis graphic.

Organic Graffiti, is this really what they've come to..

November 18, 2009

Brunches in Brooklyn

Last weekend we planned to have brunch with Yvonne and Jordan at Brooklyn Star. Unfortunately it didn't open till noon so we walked over to Marlow and Sons. Food there was pretty awesome, we were sad that we didn't get a chance to get dinner.

After we walked back to our new apartment so they could check it out.

Nice shot of the floors all done, yay!

Apartment progress...



Kidrobot introduces Munny World!

In the mix of doing the move, we got to take a break and head to the Munny World show in Soho. All the pieces were really amazing! I would have totally bought one... but I have no munny left hahha...

This DevilRobots piece was one of my favs.

November 17, 2009

Upgrading the Apartment

Before we moved in Amanda wanted to have the floors sanded to make them more "raw." We had some people in right away to get it done before the move.

Amanda approving of the color.

The Closing.

The other day we closed on our new apartment. It's quite the feeling when you walk into a bank and ask for a certified check for pretty much everything thats left in you accounts.

After the closing we took a trip to one our new eating spots the General Greene to have some brunch. Amanda was calculating how much money in checks she wrote.

November 11, 2009

Cart'em Away...

Walking to work I caught the cops in the street doing what seems to be impounding scooters.

Doesn't look to good for these plateless scooters.

Check out the LV seat on that Vespa...

Street Arts

Love this Decap piece that I spotted on Spring St. Check out the Decapitators flickr scavenger hunt! So very Banksy...

Always love a good, half of Obey...

Lambo 4x4 WHA!

While walking home after a hearty meal at 5Guys we ran into this beast of a car outside Dos Caminos. I took some shots of it and after a quick googling found out its the Lamborghini LM002.

November 07, 2009

Artisan Day

We went over to Barney's to check out the Artisan's doing what they do but instore. Really awesome and inspirational. There was this lady looming a scarf.

We spotted our friend Navah doing her instore work day.

JK5 from Saved Tattoo was there doing leather patches for jeans.

There was this guy hand painting Evisu jeans.

Miguel was there too.

This guy was making hats.

Rogues Gallery was silkscreening tees.

November 03, 2009

Halloweening pt.3 Halloweening/Partying

You can see all the ghost and ghouls walking by heading to the Halloween parade from our window... creepy.

It was raining, and Luna was not happy.

Later in the evening we headed out, Amanda dressed as a Nerd, and I was coaxed into being Jon, Sara played the part of Kate.

Some of the work crew and friends were there.

My camera flash is really bright.

Halloweening pt.2 Jackie's B-Day!

We celebrated my cousin Jackie's 21st Birthday at Max Brenner's in Union Square.

Yea there's alcohol in their...

Loved the waffle fries!

We shared 2 slices of this monstrosity.

November 02, 2009

Halloweening pt.1 Apartment Visit

On Halloween morning we took a final walkthrough of our future location.

Everything looks Kosher...

Stella for BabyGap...PARTY!

I caught up with Amanda at the Stella for BabyGap Party/Bake Sale the other day at the Little Red School House in Greenwich Village.

They had a moon bounce on the roof!

Selling baked goodies, Amanda's sugar cookies were the first ones sold.