Je of Jemanda

November 18, 2007

Saturday Shopper

Saturday shopping in the city is pretty rare, weekends are usually spent in LI or NJ. On occasion we like to stay in the city and check out the new shops popping up. Muji recently opened on Broadway after having their pop shop in the basement of moma store for a while now. It's nice to say the least kind of like bringing another piece of Japan to New York. Prices in the store seemed a bit higher than what I expected but still cheap to say the least. We later travelled on our New York / Japan tour and headed uptown to the new Kinokuniya. To our surprise we happened upon a live mural painting by Takehiko Inoue

For dinner we decided to have a panini from the cafe in the book store. Customer service here had Japan written all over it. If your having a bad day head over to the japanese book store and let them treat you like you deserve.

After spending HOURS in the book store we went over to Bryant park where we watched hundreds of people skating for free in the park and shopped the mini shops around the park. It was sweet, and if you head over there you might want some cider but be prepared to shell out $3 for one.

catching up with Gina

This entry never came about... lost in draft land. This actually happened months ago in August to be exact but I heart Gina so I had to bring her back from lost posts. Gina has travelled the world and back, it's VERY hard to keep Gina tacked down before she's back off to another place. Here she is having dinner with us at Tien Garden in the LES. If you find her hold her down and call me.

November 16, 2007

How we do it in our hood

Tasting a drop of lux, its nice, like a warm feeling or maybe the heat was turned on to high. LV had a mixer event for their VIP people. Amanda, Luna and I tagged along as a +2.25 with Delia, she went to pick up an amazing new bag. Its like a bag. but like a puffy jkt with LV monogram, oh and sherpa, and shiny finish, its amazing. Just take my word for it.
This guy was hand painting LV luggage for people. With nerves of steel he painted, even with people sneaking up on him and photographers flashing away, he stayed cool calm and collected, painting in a suit. I was so Jeal...

November 14, 2007

we're back

We're back from our adventures in California, blog entries are coming... but until then I'd like everyone to know the new CB2 store (broadway below broome) is open, for people who don't know its the "cool" crate and barrel. Just look at the glass "solo" cups and carafe we got. Stuff there is pretty cheap, cheap enough to break and buy another, if you really wanted to.