Je of Jemanda

June 30, 2008

As seen...

Saw this at Saks. LV ying-yang.

June 28, 2008

Wait... Amanda... Luna?!

I got an email newsletter from the faile site and I wanted to check out what they had in the shop, so I navigated over and what did I see... Bitch...Goddess...Boston...Terrier...weird...::shivers::

June 25, 2008


This crazy shot of the Blue in the lower east side was taken on one of those "end of the world" kind of weather days in the summer. It looks like 3D rendering of a building, so unrealistic.

Toy Post

I haven't really bought any new toys in months, but I did pre-order an item a month ago, well I recently got it. I present Crown Mickey! Look at him just standing there acting cool. What a bad ass.
It's not always about the toys I'm buying, a recent photo leaked online showing the next Jerry designed Bearbrick! It's a 5th Anniversary Bearbrick for Kinetics, a cool shop in Japan. I updated the photo to show you which one it is. heh.

June 23, 2008

Running around boros with our heads cut off.

We've been all over the boros this past weekend looking at spots for our wedding. Ugh. It's painful and tiring, but on the upside we've seen so many nice things. We were in Chelsea looking at some Gallery spots and got to see some crazy art happenings down there. From this crazy baby made out of animal hides by Zhang Huan to super large chairs and plates by Robert Therrien at the Gagosian. We caught a pair of tattoo'd pigs which were to say the least pretty amazing.
The topper was the Tom Otterness Sculpture in Dumbo! Just goes to show you can really discover some amazing things if you just go out of your comfort zone once in a while.


The Lomo Party was a hit! one of the latest Staple collabo's I worked on is finished. phew! This was in my opinion thee best Reed party in a long time. The Lomo wall was AMAZING! Lot's of good people came out and represented.
I brought out my colorsplash flash for the event to spice up some of the party shots. Luna was a hit at the party, lots of love for her.
See you next time at the next event.

June 17, 2008

Their so pretty

Oh! The wonderful colors. Luna buttons should be showing up on the etsy site real soon! Dust off that motorcycle jacket in the back of your closet you got back in your "punk" phase and prep your messenger bags you use when your riding your fixie, these are a must have and best of all they can go anywhere!

June 16, 2008

It's gonna be a picture perfect good time!

Thursday the 19th come through to the Lomo party in the Lower East Side and buy the latest book and camera set from Lomo designed by the amazing Jerry for Staple Design! There are plenty of great photos in the book, and some cameo spots where you might catch a glimpse of Luna!

Rubberized grip for your pleasure.

June 13, 2008

Runner Up!

June 12, 2008

Like the proud friends...

Like the proud friends that we are we'd like to congratulate Craig Glantz on his recent appearance on One Life to Live. With memorable lines like "What a waste" and "This guy, he did this to himself," we'd like to say "what a waste" "You did great!"

June 09, 2008

a day never to be forgotten...

June 08, 2008

Do not get Jemanda...

June 04, 2008


Avian Flu Found In Tyson Chickens
Tyson Slaughters 15,000 Hens After Outbreak

That's this many...

June 03, 2008

get your act together.

Blogger, use to be one of the great blogging programs, but recently... they suck... more posts to come... if blogger wants to cooperate...