Je of Jemanda

September 29, 2006

let the catch-up begin


Here we go, this is the start of a beautiful catch up!

Please please wipe away those tears, I know only in Japan do you see sad pumpkins. Well your not gonna find the Japan pictures here this time. But be patient, a shit storm of Japan goodness is coming!

On a sadder note, Grandfather (RIP) my last "grand" parent has passed. He was one of the Original International Ballers, Picking up ladies like a Swiffer. He was married 3 times and when he passed he was still married to 2. Rest in Peace you were a pioneer. In case you were wondering he's the picture frame at the dinner table.

Luna's Jemanda's Dog. She works hard every Sunday at the Reed Space getting customers to pick-up the latest 10 Deep and Freshjive. Look at her in action, damnit she's just like Amanda sleeping on the job...Oye!

September 24, 2006


Please be patient with this blog, Work + Puppy = no time to blog. But heres a cute tidbit to pull you through the next week...

September 13, 2006

star wars


US battling secret intergalactic war with other solar systems by using two gigantic light sabers! Will we survive this intergalactic encounter...only time will tell.

September 09, 2006

how much is that...

how much is that..aww fuck put it on the credit card...
more information to come.

September 05, 2006

laborless monday

On Labor Day, Amanda and I had a visitor, Katie (aka fire escape katie)! Katie helped me drag Amanda away from her project so we could enjoy the lovely weather. YAY KATIE! Oh and the day off really helped clear the head. Work can get to you and sometimes you just need that one day to refresh.