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June 29, 2006

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When I blogged about ARON in IKEA I didnt expect him to show all his viewers my girlfriend with a surprised face on?! aiiiiyaaaa i'm in the doghouse now...

"you've offically been stpl'd"

Tonight I got a glimpse of STPL (aka staple) on the TUBE (aka my plasma). Here's a snap from my ELPH (aka my digital camera) of Xzhbit rockin the Washington Tee in black! Amazing...

June 26, 2006


NICO REYES! STAPLE CO-WORKER EXTRODINARE IS OLDER. This past Sunday we helped NICO REYES celebrate his birthday at SUI on Spring St. Like every party he's had he makes it a habit to have thee "LEGENDARY" party that everyone shows up to and has a great time. Let me tell you STAPLE TEEs were definately represented. GOOD TIMES were had by all.

Amanda brought her crew to show Nico how much we care! Dancing up a storm and makin a scene. Good Job TEAM KATIE N' CREW! BIG LOVIN'

June 23, 2006

P-I-N-G goooo!

I beat'em to win it. What did I have to do? PING PONG. Thats right a little competitive spirt in the office can't be bad but when it comes to winning something I unleash it. Just so happens the other day was MY day. Winning both Kubrick grand theft auto set and a burton x head porter backpack!



A brief visit to Ikea one weekend found some good fun and an ironic signs. ARON like the guy who own aNYthing. YEa one day they will have a jerrydoes product.


Peep these mall rats shopping for kicks. Its Hannah and Amanda chilling at a foot locker.


adidas PRESENTS THE ADI-CUP BBQ. What fun, SUN, SOCCER, AND SAPPORO! Yea when adidas does a bbq they do it right, from pulled pork, ribs, chicken, burgers, grilled corn and POTATO SALAD(nico's fav). We dug in to the food, I did my best even though I was suffering from my wisdom extraction the day before.


Staple helped Puma pull this book together. It's one hell of a book and the party for this book was pretty hot too. Get your hands on a copy and check out the vivid look into african soccer!

SillyThing n Tee

jeffstaple arrived back in the US and brought an awesome warhol tee and nike michael lau toy back for me. Later after unpacking some goodies I get hooked up with more goodies. Knowing that jerrydoestoys and jerrydoesstarwars, Jeff gave me a james jarvis x silly thing vinyl figure, and creme x starwars book. Hot stuff. BIG UPS TO THE BOSS


When jeffstaple was confronted by swindle to be in the next issue. He said sure, but he wanted the Staple team to be in the picture. So pick up swindle 07 and get a dope picture of the staple team! jerrydoesphotoshoot.

June 08, 2006


WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU HAVE MONGERS! I picked up some at Kidrobot this morning, very cute and I must say kozik really knows how to keep people pleased! GO NOW AND GET SOME!

New x Old Tokion x Kaws Poster

I can't afford a real Kaws picture, poster, etc. But I can afford a poster of a print. And here it is, pictured next to Bear!

June 07, 2006


What happens when companies were ahead of their time? You get one on these little match-ups. APPLE SNEAKERS, limited edition, only given to the drones that they called workers. Dare I call these nicer than the classic Jordan 4, YES YES I DO!


So since I didnt care much for the white/white apple shoes, I decided i'd do some IDing... Creating a template in my spare time I created these kicks...

June 05, 2006

new kicks

Thanks to mr. jeffstaple for providing Jerry with a brand new pair of shoes! These new AF1's are being protected by this new TOO-LIE designed by Touma and purchased at KidRobot! YAY TOYS & SHOES!