Je of Jemanda

July 31, 2009

Apts & Fireman

Since we've been looking at apartments in Clinton Hill we stopped by Amanda's co-workers place to check out what she's done to her place. She recently moved into her new place and has done some amazing interior goodies!
Ahhh Like straight outta metropolitan home...

A visit from the fire department, always entails a lot of hooting and hollering from Amanda.

July 16, 2009


Don't have a meltdown in front of my office your liable to get photographed by me on the other side!


This guy honked at me because I was walking in the street. There was clearly a foot+ between me and the car. I got angry so I took a picture of him when I caught up to him at the light.

Saw this mini icecream truck. Looked... cute.

My usual view of Luna when I walk to work.

July 15, 2009

New VIRAL thing!

I saw this blog entry and wanted to try it with some names! This is gonna be the new Viral thing on facebook etc!


I met up with Amanda and crew at Bowlmor where they were celebrating Greg's B-Day. I bowled a 108.

July 14, 2009

Photo Jumble

Bumper magnet

Gossip Girl filming...

Cindy's B-Day!

Catchin' up with Viv

Catchin' some beach rays.

AJ's B-Day at the Boat Basin.


July 01, 2009

Filming outside...

Emilie de Ravin, the pregnant Claire from Lost outside the office filming.

This guy had a OCP t-shirt on... like from Robocop.. hehhe