Je of Jemanda

November 24, 2008


After moving out of my Brooklyn apartment, one of my downfalls was that my pull-up bar wouldn't work in Amanda's apartment, and so my arms suffered... I went from being able to do 10-15 pull-ups to doing only about 3. At a recent trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I picked up the as seen on TV IRON GYM! It's really a god send, It fits in the door frame and is easily removed when company is over. I've only had it for a few days but so far it gets Jerry's seal of approval! LOOK OUT JERRY"S GETTING STRONG AND RIPPED QUICK!

Lucky Cat!

Lucky Cat! with one eye... SOOooo KAWAII. This little guys my new acquisitio.

November 16, 2008


Suze Orman got hit up by some toy fan and I just happen to catch it on the show! The asked if he can afford to buy the Kozik stool from kidrobot that I just happen to have in my apartment! needless to say the guy was DENIED!

We took our free time and used it wisely this evening by going to Whole Foods to pick up some delectable treats.

While at japanese market, Sunrise mart I picked up this treat for Amanda. Chocolate icepops. Sooo tasty.

November 15, 2008

One weekend in November

Heres the fall family portrait.

Luna got a new hoodie from old navy! It's really cute on her. She's such a super star.

We took time to do a photoshoot. Toss those leaves up, and strike a pose!

We had to keep all the kids inline so we pulled out the kiddie pool and threw'em in.

November 11, 2008

Doing my Duty

Jury duty, this is my first time ever. It's truly an experience. like a lottery/airplane waiting room/library... thing. I can't see anything wrong with jury duty you get to surf the internet/read a book/watch a movie for hours. So far I've managed to avoid getting picked and since today is veterans day the courts are closed, but tomorrows another jury duty day.

November 05, 2008

There's a corkboard under there.

If you've never visited Jemanda well then you've never seen the infamous corkboard. The clock is ticking on this spectacle, it'll soon be time for a renewal. Here's a shot of it from this week. Call ticketmaster and get a ticket to see it before its gone...

November 04, 2008

We freakin' did it.

Vote For...

Amanda made this Gap shirt just for me. I particularly like the back ;)

I made my Vote count, now where's my damn sticker

I decided to accompany Amanda to the voting booth early early in the morning. I did my duty and I wanted my "I voted" sticker. No dice. Bummer.


We took time out of our busy schedule to do some filming for a TV special about wedding cakes. The filming took place at SoNo Bakery in Connecticut, the owner John Barricelli is Martha Stewarts pastry chef.

Here we are being filmed.

All the tasty goodies we got to try.

After the shoot Amanda took on the task of eating the leftovers...

Jill drove us to the bakery and wanted to help Amanda with her task she took on.

November 02, 2008


Halloween Night! The night all the kooks and the crazys come out. Since we live right around the corner from where the Halloween parade starts we enjoy sitting on the stoop and just watch the madness go by.

Luna got to borrow a costume here she is as Super Dog!

We decided to meet up with the Glantz's. So we hopped on the subway, we caught this rabbit waiting for the train.

Here's the crew Steph (Milk-chan character lookalike), Amanda (Luna) and the Glantz's (Rosie the riveter and painter extrodinaire). We spent hours just standing and watching all the crazy costumes go by.