Je of Jemanda

February 25, 2007

I play catch up

After the 2 blog dumps I created the past 2 entries I figured I should write something about something. As unexciting things have been since the 2 blog dumps theres always something that sticks out and makes it memory worthy.

If you've ever been to pinkberry, this is the west village version! yogurt x gelato is how to put it. I give it a super yummy rating and they deliver! check it out and they have a webpage. Go google it cause im too lazy to link it right now!

The first "real" meal we've had on the new dinning room table we bought. real meaning someone was sitting in every seat.

Amanda's friend Katie's friend Lana and her boyfriend Erics Birthday Party and also an official "Eric's moving in" Party. Dope apartment Dope time!

ok ok... cute moment from luna!


Happy Chinese New Year!

LA sunny rainy and sunny once more...

- rachel bilson on flight
- joan rivers at baggage claim
- rental car: chevy equinox
- stayed at chamberlain
- named navigation system
- navigation gets stolen
- french crepes at farmers market
- IVY with harmonie
- hogans daughter ate there
- lizzie grubman is eewww
- david boreanez at baby kitson
- paris hilton drives by in convertible bentley
- stpl sticker sighting
- rose sighting at american rag
- rosebowl shopping
- rin tanaka found!
- ava is cute
- electric car is gangsta ridin on 13's baby
- morning
- coffee

the end.

February 07, 2007

the most famous...


In this cold weather, its definately something to blog about and it just so happens that the best kodak moment seems to be this fire hydrant that has been in mid spray due to the cold weather... as seen on 3 blogs including mine if not more. But as an update to this, I saw the hydrant this morning, and it was all cleaned up... no more ice but the hydrant cover was still MIA.

February 06, 2007

table n' chairs

4 chairs and one table to connect them all...
The latest addition to 110 Sullivan. A table from DWR (discontinued clearance) and 4 vintage emeco chairs from ebay. no more dinners on the coffee table!

February 03, 2007

midnight train...

On the 9:10pm train to New Jersey a "per-klunk" seriously delayed our train. After announcement after announcement the final outcome was that our train had hit a trespasser on the tracks, cops were called and we were carted onto another train. It took 3hrs to get home, Luna was livid. It was quite an experience. If your wondering thats Amandas lovely orange hat in the picture.

February 02, 2007


I walk by this hydrant everyday and the ice keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger...