Je of Jemanda

July 31, 2007

no parking

They are filming Cloverfield, 01/08/08, chocolate outrage, cheese, well whatever J.J. Abrams wants to call it on Orchard St. Lower East Side. Look what they did to my car.

July 29, 2007


Congrats! to the engaged NOT jemanda's. How awesome is it to have a hot dog cart at your engagement party, to me its a dream come true, no one could top that. Unless you have the blue angels doing an airshow or Morimoto cuttin' up slices of toro for your peeps. Good time, dope house, and dope eats.

Stuart Martin's B-day Bonanza was this past weekend at Patty McGee's in LI. We stuffed our faces the entire time with amazing seafood. I dug into a nice 2lb. lobster and some Guinness mmmhmmmm...

July 25, 2007

Bling Bear

Working at Staple I've had my share of fun projects. But helping to create the Be@rbricks has been by far one of the top. As a fan of the whole "toy culture", it's probably one of thee most glorious things to have had the chance to do this. Medicom really did an amazing job creating these Be@rbricks, this was infact the first time they would offer the 400%, 100% and 50% in one set. The only thing missing is the 1000% but we can't be too greedy.

July 22, 2007

Lauren's B-day

Our recent iCal events included Amanda's Co-worker Lauren's birthday. The trip to her apartment revealed an amazing table of yummy treats, straight out of Martha Stewart magazine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!

Deja vu at the beach

Another day at the beach with Yvonne and Jordan.

CENSORED: incase Amanda has some beef with anything in the picture.

July 21, 2007

Oprah's Book Club

Amanda invited a bunch of people over last week. They dined on pepe rosso, talked about the newest book releases, and later they pulled out the tupperware catalogs, and avon stuff. oh boy what fun.

July 19, 2007


Mini Smogun (RFSO Exclusive) by Gargamel

Code C

This Thursday July 19th, Reed Space NY is proud to host the first solo exhibition of Yohei Watanabe aka Code C. Yohei comes from a skateboarding background, and he lived and breathed that lifestyle during his teen years and 20s. He now works as a fine artist, graphic designer and fashion designer, having set up fashion labels called 4d and Transport. His collaboration includes brands such as Levi's, Good Enough, Minotaur, CLS and Resonate, and also with individual artists such as Matzu-MTP, his high school classmate. His completely fearless style, coupled with his natural ability to execute anything creative places him in a very unique position amongst his peers.

Some really nice pieces at the show, definately worth the look.

July 14, 2007

Wheeee! kend

We headed out to LI this weekend to hit the beach, Amanda's friend Yvonne and Jordan met us and we made our way over. The amazing weather at the beach allowed for some much needed R&R.

Recently there have been a rash of exotic and awesome cars on the street, here are just two of them I was able to catch using my iPhone!

July 12, 2007

An evening with...

Last night Amanda and I were invited to the Dispatch show at Webster Hall. It just so happens Dispatch will be playing a benefit concert for Zimbabwe July 13th, 14th, and 15th.

Sadly all dates for these shows are sold out but check out their website and see all the things you can do to help out for various causes.

July 10, 2007

NRF at the Garden!

Nike Recess Federation's last and final game of season 3 wrapped up this past weekend at Madison Square Gardens. Terminator and Generation (winners of 2 consecutive seasons) faced off, A real close game till the end, when it seemed like Generation just couldn't cut it on the NBA regulation court. Terminators would win taking the crown away from Generation.

After the game, heading home would seem difficult when you have a group of people who have the iPhone. Literally stopping in the middle of the walkway in Penn Station to discuss how well the iPhone's pictures come out. Ah but not just once, twice. I hate to think what could have happened if it was rush hour. Miguel would soon come in iPhone-less and break-up the party.

Jersey Fresh Weekend

Post-independence day weekend! Yay! Here's the list of our patriotic weekend...

- Stewart's Root Beer, Drive-in for some super good burgers and black cow's

- Home Depot (you gotta create your fun)


- Trenton's Farmers Market

- Blueberry Picking at Terhune's Orchard

- Fireworks at Rutger's Rider University (Postponed from the other day)

July 05, 2007


Dinner with Amanda's friend Sara at Congee Village. Catching up over some nice juicy buns and sizzling black pepper spare ribs. mm mmm gooood...


Drab dull july fourth, with absolutely no sun in the sky, we started our day at Sullivan diner... and then headed out for adventure. Travelling down to the west village we actually found some open stores. We picked up this super "Kawaii" boston tee (awww like Luna). Then found ourselves at Earnest cut and sew shop, where they had Jimmy Jane's collabo with Jamie Hewlett. If your a fan of his art, check it out, and maybe pick one up for your girlfriend. Finally topping a drab day off on the Williamsburg bridge for a nice fireworks display. Yay!


Whoa... its tourist time, thats right running through the city I live in like a tourist. Amanda, Heather, and I headed to 42nd street to hang out at the kwik-e-mart, where we picked up our box of Krusty-O's and Squisshie's. They were all out of stock of Buzz cola. oh well. Later we headed over to the M&M store in time square where we caused some mischief. battling the tourists wasen't fun I highly don't recommend it.

July 02, 2007


Pinkberry Nolita location now open for business. My first experience with Pinkberry was in LA, now months after my first time, I get to relive the experience all over again. All the way down to the ghost chairs and gravel flooring. It's "bright" inside so make sure you wear your big sunglasses, you know the kind celebrities wear to hide themselves. mmm taste the Pinkberry! Make sure you check out their website and learn their theme song, they give you a discount if you sing it to them.

one day 24 usable hrs...

After starting my Sunday with a little work I headed out to meet amanda and her dad to go to Edgewater, NJ. We took the ferry there along the way I saw some nice benches and a pigeon on a boat, it danced for me. We capped off the day with some dinner at Sullivan Diner... photos taken by my iPhone (you need not know more).