Je of Jemanda

February 27, 2006


I'm officially in Amanda's apt. and now her's is full


I'm officially out of my apt, empty is all thats left.

the kids arent alright

Will someone please help my kids!

February 24, 2006

werker bee

She works hard for her money...

February 22, 2006

Apple a Day!

The wonderful Apple Store, it might as well be called the Chuckie Cheese for big kids. In this session, me and Amanda had at the Apple store, we took some pictures using the crazy Front Row features. Just look at the excitement and fun in our faces!

February 21, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up!

Weekend trip to Jersey was fun, the usual fun and excitement, with Katie(aka. cutest niece aka. drama queen).

During the week we hung out at the house, and then headed out to outlets to do some shopping. Above is a brief montage of what happend.

On a side note, This is also what happened, as you can see in the picture above, cute neice can turn in to drama queen neice in seconds. When Katie doesn't get it her way, this is was you get, a nice Katie rug, she doesn't cry, she just lies there. Always fun to watch, shes so good at it that its funny.

This weekend I also witnessed my mother using SKYPE. Which is pretty amazing considering most parents in the world could care less what a computer can do. She uses it to talk to my aunt in Taiwan. Let the fall of telephone service commence.

February 18, 2006


Today, second day after hearing about Harold Hunters death, may he rest in peace. But I thought to myself how long it might take till I see a Harold Hunter RIP tee. UHmm not too long, here's what Amanda found. That just goes to show what kind of world were in, and quite the advancement in tee shirt making.

February 17, 2006


A few days ago I posted a picture of the smart car parked in a super small spot. I thought the smart car was pushing the limits being parked so close to the crosswalk. Then I saw this, a YUKON XL trying to pull the same shit... UHMmm no now this really doesn't work for me.


Look at the smile on this childs face, she soooo happy she has soooda!

Vicki TIME!

Dear David Chu, Please have someone check the pipes, Aliens are taking over your employees bodies!

evening festivities

Dinner last night we met up with Amanda's friend Mike for dinner, we went to yakiniku, sort of a cook your own food type thing, very tasty. After we headed over to VON's for a drink to cap the night off. There we met up with more of Amanda's ex co-workers and crew. Rating:***** Great night!

February 16, 2006

wee hrs of the night

last night around 3am when I was heading home from work, I walked by this smart car parked in this super small space. but as small as it is, its still on the line. I would give this fool a ticket, because he thinks he can park in an ol'small spot.

VICKI VISIT 02/16/06


Everyday I get my daily dose of VICKI and everyday I love messin with her picture! YAY!

good times with friends

Last night I had a brief break from working, to have dinner with a few friends. Heather(friend from school) and Drew(co-worker) accompanied me and Amanda to Cafe Charbon, a cute little french restaurant in the lower east side. Good food and some great desert.

thats the spirit

The daily visit from Vicki is never disappointing. Its like shes been having a great time with the Captain. Wink Wink


Valentine's dinner is a special occasion and what better than to share the occasion with a good friend. Amanda and I decided to bring Katie(aka ex-runner katie) to our Valentines dinner, cause lets face it couples dinners were so last season. We went to Typhoon(Japanese Food) had a great meal and topped it off with some friend ice cream, that went FAST. To sum it up, it was a great Valentines day with my sweetheart Amanda! and sweetfriend Katie!

February 14, 2006


carbonated sugar water...


Lovers DAY

VALENTINES DAY! I woke up to find randomly placed valentines all over the apartment. And one great valentines in my pocket, I choo choo choose you(gotta love the simpsons).

PUMA x EVISU party!

Monday night was the Puma x Evisu party, they did a nice collaboration, cool jeans. It was a great party the usual open bar and free swag... but they one up'd the whole party experience with CUPCAKES! nuff said. Props to puma good thinkin!

February 12, 2006


The blizzard of 2006 has come and gone with such great memories, some crazy sites and a whole lotta snow! Here's a montage of some of those moments. stealing that snow bike...kissing that the writing on the snow...ahhh memories.

im an artist bitch!

when I see a blank canvas, I just want to fill it up with my goodness, so here's a car with a little touch of jerry on it.


Walking down Sullivan St we found a member of young jeezy's entourage chillin in the street rockin his fitted. Holla!


What happens when you go to sleep when its snowing and wake up after a blizzard?! THIS... Lots of snow. Its quite amazing the show that nature can put on in a spur of the moment. Last night there was the lightning and thundering in the sky as it snowed. Today there are polar bears and giant rabbits. Well thats nature for you. WHEEEE...

here comes the snow! yah! look at it fall... and tomorrow when kids wake up they can make jeezy snowmen! yippie!