Je of Jemanda

December 30, 2006

Holiday Photo-Op!

We made it to the Jerz for the holidays and bounced back to the city inbetween, but with all that traveling there was time to enjoy some relaxation.

Christmas gifts, games, and knitting... Knitting?!

This year we headed over to my uncle and aunts house for some christmas dinner and some catch up. You know family affairs are getting too big when theres a second table. Present was: mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister Jenn, sister's husband Mike, niece Katie, my girlfriend Amanda, cousin Raymond, his wife Lucy (, their son Winston (He wants haaaaammm!), cousin Roger, and girlfriend Stacey ( One of the highlights of the night, niece Katie makes her first doodie on the toilet (yes I went I didnt take a picture, sicko!).

And to top off our trip to Jersey, my donated PS2 comes in handy and alot of fun with the power of guitar hero! Amanda Rocks better than I do. ("Monkey Wrench" 5 Stars)

Happy Holidays Everyone! New Years bring new experiences and adventures.

December 28, 2006

good day bear

Medicom x STAPLE Be@rbrick Designed by Jerry, Hello Bear!

December 21, 2006


Mr Murakami, welcome to ONETENSULLIVAN! This was one offer on ebay I could not refuse. It's beautiful. To own a Litho from Takashi Murakami really brings me so much joy and its there to greet me every morning I get up.

Happy Hannukah, this pretty photo was taken by mr Canon 30D! I LOVE YOU 30D!

December 09, 2006


Saturday was spent shopping with Amanda's buddy $teph aka mcgriddles. For breakfast we skipped McDonalds and their wonderful McGriddles and went directly to Cafe Henri a wonderful spot in the west village, just check out the wonderful yummies that they had.

Big thanks goes out to jeffstaple my boss, keeping his crew always looking spiffy!

December 04, 2006

Picture "Perfect"

With the coming new year a new change was in need, I welcome Canon 30D to the family!

This weekend was spent in NJ figuring out how to use the new camera. The nice sunshine helped with the pictures and the very photogenic Luna and Amanda were the perfect models. At the end of the day the last function to test was the timer...

The present family photo. (l-r Amanda, Luna, Jerry, Katie, Mike, Dad, Jennifer, Mom)