Je of Jemanda

October 27, 2009

Weekend Shopping.

We took a trip out to NJ last weekend and it was pouring out, so what better way to spend our time than go shopping at the mall. In this case outlet shopping!

My sister found these Christian Louboutins... No she did not buy these hideous monstrosities...

Luna came shopping with us too.

On our trip back their were some crazy swarming bird action at the train station.

October 23, 2009

That's Mrs. Hydrant, to you buddy!

...Only in NY...


...Lindsay over here! Lindsay! Lindsay!

October 22, 2009

Spotted a Mini Diana...

In the display of Agent Provocateur.

October 19, 2009

Galleries, Highline and Katz's

We went over to Chelsea on Saturday to go check out the Murakami piece at the Gagosian.

On our way over we spotted this bird which was just lying there. Some walker-bys said it was a downy woodpecker, and another said it probably hit a window... So we picked it up with the idea of taking it to a vet. But first we had to go to the gallery, since that was the whole purpose of the trip to Chelsea. So this bird went with us to see the Murakami.

ironically afterwards we passed this piece of street art. Very weird... by this point the bird seemed more alert so we checked to see if it was ok, and it flew off. Phew! thank goodness.

Since we were no longer headed to the vet we went over to take on the Highline. We spotted this accordion boba fett playing the star wars theme.

This was our first time on the highline on a nice brisk day.

Awesome overhead view of the street.

Great lounge benches.

We left the Highline before the infamous standard hotel.

On our walk through the rest of Chelsea we hit up Earnest Sewn, Louboutin and Yoyamart. On our way back we thought we grab some hot chocolate so we ducked into a nice spot called S'nice and bumped into Katie and Lana.

After we got home we took on the task of getting dinner, an urge for some Katz's had us on a mission! It was great after walking though the cold weather.

We were sitting where Harry met Sally...

October 18, 2009

Cut&Paste Global Championships!

Since 3D competition was going on first we decided to go grab some food. We decided on the Skylight Diner, Salads came in pyrex mixing bowl and mashed potatoes with a piece of hair... mmm...

Competition was at Hammerstein Ballroom.

This was our favorite design, it didn't win over the judges but we loved it.

October 16, 2009

Another Window

Yesterday it was puppies in the windows, today it was Suzette.

October 15, 2009

I was walking to work...

I saw some puppies in the window!

...and a down to earth graphic.

October 13, 2009

Random Shots

Birthday Dinner.

Here's the birthday dinner that I never got post. Amanda took me to Zenkichi in Williamsburg, really good authentic Japanese. I wore my japan polo to dinner :)

Danielle brings Big Brown!

Catching up with our ex-neighbor Danielle and Shlepper aka BigBrown!

We took the dawgs to the dawgrun!

Luna was in awww soo much she was drooling.

Sad box man in the park.

We said goodbye and continued our trip to the west village.

October 12, 2009

Getting Reacquainted.

We caught up with Yvonne recently, she told us all about her adventures... She happens to be an up and coming photographer.

Yvonne took this with our modified camera with manuel olympus lens.

Good times, catching up!

Instax moment...

Visit to Gap

Tea dying, to make colors more rich and closer to what they want.

Don't get high on your own supplies...

Baby mannequin.

My unicorn.


Back to work.

October 07, 2009

Kaws Toy Update

2 new Kaws acquisitions.

October 05, 2009

Newest addition to my arsenal...

For my birthday Amanda got me this Lomography Mini Diana camera.

Back when I was a kid I had a Diana camera that was just my toy camera. I never actually got to use it. Now I have a new Diana thats half the size. Everything's come full circle.


We took on the largest street fair in NY which stretched across Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

Scary tigerboy!

Da Reddings!

Nice Brooklyn poster.

A whole bunch of Gappers.

Luna next to the boston Mural!

October 04, 2009

Baby Showerin'

We were present at our good friends Delia and Pat's baby shower this weekend.

We got Delia a baby onesie that predicts the baby's future, looks like this babies gonna be a Monkey Wrangler!

October 01, 2009

A Gift.

A SDCC Gargamel Exclusive Kaiju toy, given to me by the Imprint crew. Thanks!