Je of Jemanda

May 29, 2007

The Postal Code

I Jerry have deciphered "The Postal Code" aka. the reason for the postage stamp price hike. TWO WORDS... NEW DECALS... thats it, the postal service needs new decals for mailboxes, plain and simple. But wait is there another hike coming soon? cause no one took off the paper backing. Maybe they need to start a new union to handle this type of job.

May 23, 2007

New TOYness!

Just got my Medicom KAWS OriginalFake ChoroQ Cars! soooo cute, sooo lovable....

May 20, 2007

Boston Meetup!

It's that time again, time for the Boston meetup. The dogs version of the "ice cream social." This month it was held at Riverside Park at 72nd Street, a very nice dog park. Every month it seems we meet a bunch of new boston's, this month was no different.
Can't wait till the next one!

*nice meeting you Thaddeus, Danielle and Anouk!

May 14, 2007

Weekendtime its weekendtime!

Along with our trips to the dog park at the start of the weekend we took a trip to the sandal-maker, Amanda had a sandal fitting to go to. She's having custom sandals made, its like nike id but the sweatshops in the store also. I happend to meet gizmo outside, he's a puganese... or something. Totally cute though.

Later in the week we headed out to good ol' Jerzey where we went to a barbecue at a friends house. To our surprise we were greeted by Ruby, another super cute boston terrier, to say the least Luna and Ruby had a blast.
For mother's day me and my sister gifted a nice new olympus camera, after determining that it was the best "parent-friendly" camera. Now my mother knows iphoto which is no easy feat.
Even though it was mothers day I thought i'd spread the gift fun to my niece Katie! The team that brought Uglydoll recently released Bossy Bear a childrens book and vinyl toy. Since I was getting it for myself I thought I'd spread the love and get Katie one too! Just look at the smile it brings!

On our last day of our mothers day outing. We headed out to the outlets with my mom, nothing like a good shopping session. Good quality time spent with the family.

LP back again

Linkin Park is back! After listening to the album I have to say, its a 50/50 album, 50% goodness 50% moodie music (aka slow crap). But in the end worth the listen through. Thanks to Sean, me and Amanda had the chance to go to the FREE Linkin Park concert at webster hall. They always seem to put on an amazing show with plenty of their hits. You can go experience what we did TODAY MAY 14th! cause they filmed it and are putting it in select theatres!

May 07, 2007

Company Outing!

Jeff decided to take the company out for a little outing, PAINTBALL! After having our outing cancelled two weeks ago due to bad weather we were kind of bummed, but this week we got to experience all our missed fun. Anticipation set in and a couple "your dead!" comments were thrown around in the pending weeks. Finally the balls were flying around and teams were crawling around.

7 games were played, 2 standard (kill everyone on the other team), 1 capture the flag (I can't believe I didn't make it back with the flag), 3 Girls (aka. long hair) vs. boys (girls+Tim and I won all the rounds), finally 1 resurrection (fire till you run out of ammo). Brusies and welts were made, and paint was tasted but it all ended with smiles on faces and an amazing experience had by all.

May 06, 2007

influenced by the arts

Ever since I saw Murakami's work I've been hooked. The color the cuteness the FUN! It started with his show at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, after seeing his show I couldn't help but look for more and more... Then finally one day while I was in college a chance came to go hear him talk and I had to go, at the presentation he went over his work, showed his LV animation and previewed what would be the exhibit at rockafeller center. That just solidified my love for his work.

(photo from around 2003?)

More recently thanks to the employment of Staple I was able to feed my love with this Murakami print that I bought for myself back in December.

In his latest show at the gagosian he did some amazingly large pieces with Daruma as his subject, and his signature flowers. (more info here) When asked how much one of those smaller piece cost, I was told aprox. $90-$100,000. Hrmmm you think they will put a piece on hold for ugh... a decade or two... one day but until then I will be patient and settle for my lovely digital pictures.

May 02, 2007


Amanda got a haircut! which means my hair is officially longer than hers. Here's me trying to capture the moment, turned out she wanted to play the 9yr old that didnt want to be good for the camera

While in New Jersey spent some quality time with the fam, goin to the flea market and a community fair in Princeton. Since my sisters camcorders been at my parents place since forever she's taken on the role of running it, like the proud parent recording you at your first musical recital (just smile for the camera people)

Here's Amanda Vanna Whiting a sign for cheese fries. "You go baby, show that sign off like you mean it."

Diet Coke +

What in gods name is Diet Coke Plus?!

That is the expression that was on my face when I saw the small slender can (like the redbull kind). Well I'll tell you, its coke but with "vitamins and minerals." But what does it really mean? is it healthy? should I drink it everyday? will I live longer? I can just see nothing good coming from this can.