Je of Jemanda

August 30, 2007

a dog in headlights


if you really wanna see the finger click on the photo
amanda got an ouchie and now she's giving the finger to everyone where ever she goes...

Family Photo

photo taken by Mike Kuhle

August 26, 2007

Dog gone weekend!

This weekends Boston Meetup was at the Hillside Park in Brooklyn. Lots of boston's showed up even Licorice, Famke Janssen's Boston, who I frequently see in my neighborhood. YAY! Bostons.

August 16, 2007

Oh I forgot to blog...

Staple 10th Anniversary Party

Staple Presents: New Office

Bare Necessities

New Lunch Spot

Bringing Table Tennis to the Streets

Amanda just saw some fat guys sweatpant buldge



August 01, 2007

DAAaaa Simpsonnnssss....

Amanda and I finally got to take some time out of our busy schedule to catch up on some entertainment. Brainwashed by the media we went to the cinema to see The Simpsons. A superific good time, and super fun movie. It's everything you wish they did in the cartoon but couldn't and more. Even our local diner got caught up in all the hoopla and created this work of art on their menu board.