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May 06, 2007

influenced by the arts

Ever since I saw Murakami's work I've been hooked. The color the cuteness the FUN! It started with his show at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, after seeing his show I couldn't help but look for more and more... Then finally one day while I was in college a chance came to go hear him talk and I had to go, at the presentation he went over his work, showed his LV animation and previewed what would be the exhibit at rockafeller center. That just solidified my love for his work.

(photo from around 2003?)

More recently thanks to the employment of Staple I was able to feed my love with this Murakami print that I bought for myself back in December.

In his latest show at the gagosian he did some amazingly large pieces with Daruma as his subject, and his signature flowers. (more info here) When asked how much one of those smaller piece cost, I was told aprox. $90-$100,000. Hrmmm you think they will put a piece on hold for ugh... a decade or two... one day but until then I will be patient and settle for my lovely digital pictures.


Blogger LeluWrites said...

I read this @t high snobiety. Must go see show and resist buying coz I can't afford this shit.

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