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May 07, 2007

Company Outing!

Jeff decided to take the company out for a little outing, PAINTBALL! After having our outing cancelled two weeks ago due to bad weather we were kind of bummed, but this week we got to experience all our missed fun. Anticipation set in and a couple "your dead!" comments were thrown around in the pending weeks. Finally the balls were flying around and teams were crawling around.

7 games were played, 2 standard (kill everyone on the other team), 1 capture the flag (I can't believe I didn't make it back with the flag), 3 Girls (aka. long hair) vs. boys (girls+Tim and I won all the rounds), finally 1 resurrection (fire till you run out of ammo). Brusies and welts were made, and paint was tasted but it all ended with smiles on faces and an amazing experience had by all.


Blogger LeluWrites said...

decon loves paint ball too. i think ill snap a bone if i ever get shot. not a good idea for a skinny asian girl.

12:25 AM  

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