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May 14, 2007

LP back again

Linkin Park is back! After listening to the album I have to say, its a 50/50 album, 50% goodness 50% moodie music (aka slow crap). But in the end worth the listen through. Thanks to Sean, me and Amanda had the chance to go to the FREE Linkin Park concert at webster hall. They always seem to put on an amazing show with plenty of their hits. You can go experience what we did TODAY MAY 14th! cause they filmed it and are putting it in select theatres!


Blogger LeluWrites said...

My bf is going to make fun of me for this,,, but shit I used to love them like in high school. I have a stack of Linkin park memorabilia somewhere in my room that I can possibly ebay off.

7:50 PM  

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