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April 14, 2007

cars, parks, and birthday parties

Every year the auto show comes around and last year Amanda and I went together as a couple. This time to relive all the action and fun Amanda and I went to the auto show again hoping to see some new and amazing cars and suvs. To our disappointment it was kinda dull. Things are definately changing in cars these days but its not the outside. It's whats on the inside thats become whats so interesting. Hybrids, fuel cells, yellow and hydrogen cars are whats hot and the cars don't change much when the engines take on these changes. Booo... car show... pass

Dog park of a good time. There are hundreds and thousands of breeds and you can see just a few by heading over to the dog park. Amazing fun watching dogs say hi and sniff each others butts. Luna loves it at the dog park, she constantly drools creating a bungee like trail of drool that occasionally swings right back in her mouth.

Yesterday we took some time out and headed over to "Girlfriend" Katie's Birthday party. One amazing good time was had by all. The pizza from John's was amazing and topped off by some amazing cupcakes. The rest of the night was spent at Becky's bar where Amanda's well designed "camera" present was used to take a bunch of "pictures." HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE


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