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April 27, 2007

Kenna @ Gramercy Theatre

This band has been around for a while, first time I heard about them was back in 2000, when his Hell Bent video was on MTV. Later in College I got a glimpse of their album when napster was free, and limewire was the alternative. Finally I got their whole first album "New Sacred Cow" which to me was an amazing album why because it had such a unique sound to what was out in the mainstream. Now after many years of waiting kenna is back and his new album comes out in June. The concert at the Gramercy Theatre was great a throwback to my college days, the venue just happens to be around the corner from my old dorm. Thanks to wonderful technology I bring you a little of the experience to you through youtube, "Freetime". Make sure you check out their album when it comes out.


Blogger stephanie said...

hey dude. thanks for the video heads up. I'll be sure to make sure the message board kids see it (along with that sweet little picture set you've posted here.

If you need his 3 song EP of stuff that'll be on MAKE SURE THEY SEE MY FACE just hit me up. Dig?

9:47 PM  

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