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March 12, 2007

Monkey Boy

This is "monkey boy" I picked this little guy up from LA. He was created by a illustrator/creator named Taro Gomi, you may know him from his doodles & scribbles book or more reknowned book Everyone Poops. He's one loveable plush, that actually stands, even though his head looks incredibly heavy. Since the Plush collectable toy market is starting to go crazy with the appearance of uglies, and with the touma plushes now would be a good time to pick up monkey boy for your collection. if you want to pick one up just google for it "taro gomi monkey." Well worth the $$$.

*Only dubbed "monkey boy" not actual name.


Anonymous Ava Cherniss said...

daddy named our little monkey "mr. pickles"

2:03 AM  

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