Manda of Jemanda

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kitty In The City

Kitty Martin came for a visit. She spent most of her Manhattan vacation doing what cats do best, snoozing, resting, sleeping, catching up on z's. Seems it wore off on the temporaty owner as I was too lazy to make a post and the usual Photoshoped collage, so Jerry the graphic design extordinare helped me out on this one. Enjoy the best of Kitty in the City, meow.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5 Degrees...

...of Louis Lane Glasses.
Starting at the left is the story of Friday night's party.
To the left, is the gracious host, Matthew. He has a serious talent of voices and an apartment full of 'movie' toys. You will soon hear him on the Mazda SUV commercials, hear him soon and hear my voicemail for a peek of his talent. Maria to his left knows him from acting and singing. Talented people hang together! Katie knows Maria from St. Lawrence. I know Katie from PJC. Jerry know me cause I love him.


I went to High School with Brandon.

Ladies, please line up behind the sign.