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Monday, April 10, 2006

Montage! Shower!

Kara is probably my oldest friend. We knew each other Kindergarden. That means I know her for about.....22 years. Thats pretty crazy when you think of how old you are, and how well you know the other person. We went through every public school classroom together, watched each other go in and out of phases. (Even the glitter eyeshadow, birkenstock wearing phase of Kara's.) Came into and out of each others lives, seen good and bad. We also went through the very beginnings of our careers in NYC, commuting at 7:33am out of Bethpage for a year commuting to our new jobs. Then she moved to San Diego - to be near her favorite thing, the beach with her man Greg. They bought a condo and raised two beautiful Cats.
I am so excited to go out there for the wedding. Jerry needs some west coast flavor, too. This weekend we celebrated her shower in Sea Cliff a beautiful party of the North Shore of Long Island. The event was a complete success becuase of Jill and Jamie and Molly. Enjoy the pics!


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