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Monday, April 03, 2006

Williamsburg Bridge Challenge V.06

Saturday commenced the WBChallenge 2006 @ the Williamsburg Bridge.
For those of you not in the know - Jerry and I have invited all runners to Challenge the Running of the Bridge during the nice weather. We time ourselves back and forth from the Manhattan side and back again and try to beat our best times. We started last year and enjoy the atmosphere on the bridge - the sights, the sounds and the air up there is amazing to run to.

After a huge dinner at Blue Ribbon Saturady night with Jerry and the Martin's we decided it was a beautiful night to run off all the escargot and steak we ate. So, we suited up and headed out. The weather was perfect temperature, but the wind was heavy. I think the people riding their bikes over the bridge thought we were crazy, 11pm on a Saturday...Personally, I think the bridge missed us pounding the pavement this winter because she was mean to my leg muscles - I can barely walk. Jerry said he was disappointed with his time, I was impressed cutting 5 minutes off my last time in November! Awesome start! (I am assuming climbing the five flights of spiral staircase at the David Chu Townhouse twice a day everyday has kept my legs in shape!)

APRIL 2, 2006 - 11pm - 45 degrees - Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Jerry: Total Time: 23:50
Amanda: Total Time: 32:38


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